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Carmax in Norcross, Georgia - Lowball Trade In Estimate

Went to carmax for the first time today. Wasted an hour waiting for carmax to evaluate the car. The car got a glowing review from carmax: well-maintained, no issues. And the offer was 25% below the Kelley BB trade-in value. This was for a 2008 Volvo S80 AWD T6, 6 year old vehicle, no issues, well-maintained, single owner: BB $10700 trade-in. Carmax offer: $8000. I saw a 2003 Honda Civic for sale on the lot: $10000!! It would cost me $2000 to trade in a 6 year old Volvo S80 for 12 year old Honda Civic. No thanks! It's hard to believe so many people are willing to be screwed by these guys. I will be staying away.
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Working in the business for almost 20 years I can say 1. KBB has never written 1 check to purchase a vehicle as they are just an online ad agency who has never put their money where their mouth is.

2. Carmax although they are a competitor of mine gives very fair offers so much so that I often send my customers there to sell their trade and come back to buy my car(s). they are the LARGEST (Volume) appraisal and PURCHASER of used cars in the U.S. Fact.

Only uneducated in the car business that is customers rely on a Fictitious number from online companies like KBB. I believe that their should be more complaints on how misleading KBB is rather that other dealers like Carmax.


If KBB says your car is worth $10,700 - call them and tell them to buy your car.


Kelly Blue Book is an AVERAGE. Which anyone knows means some higher some LOWER..

Will Kelly Blue Book write you a check for your car?

Carmax offered you what it was worth to them.

Maybe Volvos don't sell well for them....

Maybe they already have many in stock.

It amazes me how people think KBB is gospel.....

KBB figures also include "trade allowance" which is how traditional dealers move money around in a deal if they think trade value is your "hot button" which for many (and clearly in your case) it is!!

And finally NO, I don't work for Carmax. They have many issues but not giving KBB for every car they appraise is not one of them.

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Carmax Trade-in

Carmax Buyers Beware

I recently went and looked at a vehicle at Carmax, of course I did my homework and checked out everything I possibly could. Even their auto. I really wasn't intending to buy and didn't, but, this is how bad Carmax is with their "No Haggle" pricing.. First my auto; is in great shape and I fairly checked it on Nada and KBB, as should you, always. My auto was ranging from $14,550.00 to $14,725.00 Trade-in value,not retail. They tried to offer $10,000. It retails for $18000+. Second, their auto; it retails,not trade in, from $10,450 to $11,625.00. Their "No haggle" is $13,998. Its trade-in is from 6,575 to 7,350. Now this would leave me $4000 negative on my loan now to "roll over" to the new loan and make it a total of $17998 plus tax tag title and all the other fees which would make to close to $19,000 for a vehicle that retails for $11,000 and trades at $7000+ and if I ever wanted to trade that in, then I am close to 12,000 negative equity. You figure it out. Buyers Beware
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We received your complaint at our Corporate Office. We would like to discuss your experience with you. Please call us at 800-519-1511, Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:00pm (EST).


I am so glad i found this site and all these complaints. The systemic corruption, shoddy workmanship, and customer service nightmare stories sound more truthful than the rebuttals that are CLEARLY from corporate hacks.

No one defends a company on a consumer advocate website unless they have a vested interest.

I was looking at a Mercedes and a Lexus online on the carmax site, but now i know that even I don't make enough money to throw it away on undermaintained or questionable vehicles.


Yes. Buyer beware of a car dealership who posts all their prices up front.

Oh and also beware of a dealer who pays all their salesmen the same amount no matter what the call sells for.

Also buyer beware of a free written offer.

Wait, what?


Well if KBB and NADA say it then it must be true. If you want the ACTUAL 1-800 number for NADA to buy your car please reply back. It's legit

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Carmax Trade-in

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