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I bought my 2012 Honda Accord at a low 40,000 miles from Carmax center in White Marsh, Maryland. The car was previously owned by a Business Company and only listed to have been in one accident prior to my purchase.

Sounds like a great car. I guess that's why I'm working my way slightly short of $1,000 in repairs only 4 months after purchase. I bought my car the end of February 2015, 3 weeks after buying my car my oil light comes on. I go to get an oil change knowing that Carmax does not cover regulatory matinence only to find out that my car takes synthetic oil and that it only really needs to be changed every 5-6,000.

After my oil change I was that all my fluids were low and had all been filled, I was also told that my tires were pretty bad and I could go for a new set. I ignored getting new tires, however I probably shouldn't have because every time I go to pull off from a stop sign or red light my tires spin before the ***. Around March 30th I noticed a significant decline in the performance of my brakes. So around the second week April I took my car to have the front breaks changed, only to find out that although the front were pretty bad the back was worse.

So a week or so later I take my car back to get the rear brakes changed, only to find out that BOTH of my Rear Calipers are leaking Brake Fluid. All of the repairs up to now total about $730 for Front & Back brake pads & Roaters & a oil change. I go on to ask the mechanic how much would it cost to get the Calipers changed on both sides, the quote I was given was a few bucks short of $800. I guess Carmax missed that during their 127-Point Inspection system they have.

After arguing with Carmax Service center I was told that it was in fact covered under my MaxCare Warrenty, HOWEVER the next available appointment was June 4th at 9am and there was nothing that could be done. So for over a *** month of adding break fluid to my car it's now June 4, 2015 and I'm back at Carmax at 12:30pm in the afternoon. Upon my inquiry as to when my car would be finished i just learned my car has yet to even been started on. But the good news was that they confirmed that only my rear calipers are leaking break fluid and that they will rechange my rear brake pads as soon as they get confirmation that MaxCare will cover it.

Overall my experience with Carmax has been completely Negative. I will never buy another car here again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Frankie S

That's funny, carmax trains their employees to tell customers the vehicles are high quality. The signs are all over their showrooms. I guess carmax must be F.O.S.!!!

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