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Ahhhh ***, where do i begin? I began work here as a BA (Buyers Assistant) also known as the the lowest paid person in the entire store, who gets pissed on by everyone else.

Youll do the *** work at the store standing out on asphalt lots in the heat putting stickers in and doing photos for up to 6 hours at a time. But dont worry theyll tell you youre available for promotion.... then get skipped over and have your position out sourced not once but three times!!!! As a BA youll have at least 8 bosses keep in mind, youll have all the buyers and the VCA’s (Vehicle Condition Asse.) “saying hold my pocket” Did i mention as being the *** of the company you are treated as such...

denied legally mandated breaks, lunches etc. youll be dehydrated daily and eventually have chronic painful back pain from the intense work load of being worked 8-9+ hour days on the asphalt little to no breaks, and 7 days straight before a day off with no compensation for pay to make up for it. (Only make a dollar above minimum) theyll also provide you with no uniforms except for a couple polos 3, no jackets cold weather gear or pants... if you want that you have to bend over again and pay out of your measely wage to buy “carmax certified apparel” ya....

screw that id rather freeze out of spite. Thats just a taste... i have alot more to share... dont even get me started on the shity cars they put out on the front lot because of the extremely tight time constraints they put on the line, Techs, and shop in general to meet numbers so the management can all get their bonuses!

The shop hates putting out crap but theyre forced to and management turns a blind eye to it. They preach about about honesty fairness and integrity but im sure you can see by now what theyre really about just like every other company, they dont care about us even though with out us there wouldnt be a car max. With out us grunts (BA’s, Inventory, Reconditioning) Carmax wouldnt be possible! start treating us better for christ sake dont deny us lunches and breaks and throw us a dollar raise and maybe i could turn a blind eye to the “daily bend overs” but as it is now i just cant.

I have plenty of videos and photos of the *** that goes on at a car max facility and am extremely tempted to go to news outlets and expose what you vendictive *** are about, you want to *** with me?

ill settle the score evenly. Pretty soon it will be CarMax’s turn to suffer, if they dont change their ways and decide to do the right thing for not only their employees, but also their customers.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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