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I went into Carmax to sell them my Lexus Mint shape. Kelly Blue book has car listed at $9000.

I'm going to sell this car to a private owner, but just for the heck of it I went to the Schaumburg Carmax just to get a quote.

They gave me a number of $4000. What a joke!

I also had a friend selling a Suv a few months ago, Carmax offered him $9000 he sold it the next day to a private owner for $13000 cash.

Take the time and sell your car on your own you will save a minimum of $1000 and probably a *** of a lot more. Carmax is ok to buy cars but do not sell them your car unless you want to be raped.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1322793

I also went to Carmax to look at some cars but to find out what my Cadillac CTS was worth, they offered me 1/3 of what NADA said was a wholesale price for my vehicle in the area.

What a rip off, i'll never go back.

Pell City, Alabama, United States #1254468

Agree, Have once and ONLY ONCE got an offer from Car-Max. They need to continue to buy unknowns at auction for more money than they offer drive in offers to sell.

Houston, Texas, United States #954408

KBB for my Mercedes 550 was 19300-20500 for selling to a dealer. Car Max offered 17000.

I went to auto nation on line and got 19500 with no hassles from another dealer. Carmax is a rip off for nice, good condition lien free cars.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #944715

You're *** if you think they're not trying to make money off your car. The KBB value on my Mazda3 is just above $10k, and Carmax offered me $10k.

I've had the car listed for just that for 2 weeks, and have had no serious inquiries, just a lady asking if I'd take less. I'd be hard pressed to get a private buyer to give me more than what Carmax is offering, and selling to Carmax is easier. I've sold 3 other cars privately and would take the convenience of Carmax over an extra $500. In the case of the original poster, that's unfortunate, you're better off selling privately.

But Carmax isn't looking for cars like yours.

They're looking for the Focuses, Civics, Mazdas, etc. with low miles.


So true - I went to Carmax yesterday Sept 17 in Winston Salem NC to sell my 2012 Cruze. They had my same car on lot with 59000 miles, mine has 55000, plus the car on the lot did not have the RS package like mine.

They had it listed on the lot for 14998. I figured mine would list for approx 16000 if it was on their lot. My car is clean I bought it knew. They offered me 10000!

Can you believe that? They wanted to make 6000 off of me.

North Attleborough, Massachusetts, United States #696245

Why sell your vehicle to carmax and lose hundreds or thousands of dollars? Don't be foolish, especially in todays economy.

Many people sell their vehicles to carmax because it's convenient, but it will cost you a lot of money for that convenience. carmax will explain to the customers that you will save the time and strangers coming to your house and driving your vehicle! Thats just a line of BS, it's a sales tactic to worry the customer. carmax also knows people are desperate to sell their vehicles because of financial issues, so they will low ball you.

After all, what does carmax have to lose! The sales person is the one getting screwed out of their time, not carmax.

If a customer decides not to sell, the sales person just wasted 30 to 40 minutes with their finger up their @$$. carmax is a very unethical company, and it's up to customers to put them into bankruptcy.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #694976

I don't know why anyone expects to get 100% of what it's worth at a dealer. They have to make a profit, and if your car is worth 10k, they'll probably give you around 5k, which gives them room to negotiate with a potential buyer. If you want more money, do the work yourself to find a buyer.

to Anonymous North Attleborough, Massachusetts, United States #695957

carmax does NOT negotiate anonymous. carmax wants to know exactly how much profit they can make. carmax is the "dealer" known for screwing the customer without negotiating!

to Anonymous #893883

Um down here Carmax doesn't negotiate on prices. Sticker price is no haggle price when someone buys a car. So yeah they really are making that much.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #671460

After two visits attempting to sell them vehicles I explained to the salesman that I already give to the United Way and can't afford to donate my car to Carmax.

to Anonymous Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States #671577

That is exactly what to say! Did the salesman agree with you that the offer was too low?

Branford, Connecticut, United States #645608

Correction: there are many folks who want the used European vehicles, but they are the folks that can't really afford them. Just work at carmax for a month or so and see all the customers that run to the Mercedes and BMW section.

It's amazing to see the banks ask for $15,000.00 down! The people are so happy to buy these vehicles, but are even happier to trade them in for something more practicle and reliable.

Branford, Connecticut, United States #645606

I have to tell all you folks who own Mercedes, BMW and Audi vehicles that there is a reason those vehicles are not worth as much as you think. Who the heck wants a used European vehicle, ESPECIALLY with higher miles?

There is a reason these vehicles are not much worth and that is because not many folks want them. Let's face it, the folks who earn great money can afford to buy them and REPAIR them, so when it's time to trade them in, dont expect too much.

If you can afford to buy them new, (never, ever buy a used European vehicle) then dont complain when your offer is way lower than you thought. For those folks who have tons of money, get use to basically getting *** on your trade in.

Branford, Connecticut, United States #570759

Like I have been saying in many previous posts, do not go to carmax for appraisals. You will most likely be insulted with the offer.

I would like to ask one thing, from reading this complaint, I see there are a couple of replies about BMW owners having their car appraised. If BMW are such great vehicles, why are people looking to sell them? Maybe because repairs cost too much? Maybe because you THOUGHT they were better vehicles?

Maybe because its a status thing where you NEED to be seen in a BMW? I dont get it, people just cant afford these cars but yet think they are right about a low appraisal!

These cars have AWFUL resale value because no one wants a BMW with anywhere near high miles! *** it people wake the f up!!

Broomfield, Colorado, United States #570050

Carmax may not be the best but at least you know where you stand with them. No dealer is going to give you Blue Book Value on your car.

I don't know why so many people think this is the case but it is not. Your trade in value is based on True Market Value which is based what people are typically paying for that vehicle in your region. For example, obviously a convertible car is going to sell for more in a fair weather state like California, than say the colder states of the northeast. Blue Book has nothing to do with it.

Also, at least Carmax's offer to buy your car is a real offer. The other car dealers may have told you that they will give you $XX for your car, but they really just want your business and when it comes down to actually trying to get that amount, they are going to go back on what they said and try to low-ball you.

I wouldn't buy a car from Carmax, but I have found they do have the best offers and easiest no pressure transaction to sell your car to them.

to Ferenczy36 Branford, Connecticut, United States #645825

Hey Ferenczy36, you sound like you just got out of training at carmax! Nice try explaining "True Market Value", but using THAT THEORY, I can give you an example.

Lets say someone goes on a job interview and has tons of experience at the position they are applying for, and everything in the interview goes well. Then the candidate is offered the job, but the starting pay is say $11.50/hr. The candidate who is in shock at this point says, "I was making almost twice that, and according to "True Market Value" this position's AVERAGE pay is $18.00/hr nationwide. So my point is, no matter what the so called average number is, carmax can and still lowballs customers.

I hope you can understand what I just explained.

to Ferenczy36 North Attleborough, Massachusetts, United States #696552

Ferenczy36, True Market Value and what a customer wants to get for their vehicle is 2 different things. People will always think their vehicle is worth more than a dealers offer, and most of the time it's true.

Many car buyers are very desperate to get a newer vehicle that they will basically give their trade in away. It's all about convenience most of the time.

For carmax, it's a win win. Also, carmax does not always have the best offers.

Arlington, Texas, United States #570040

I went to different dealerships to see how much they appraise my car and it was reasonable but everybody said Carmax gives you the most. So I went to get an appraisal.

I have a 2008 BMW 335i fully loaded with 45k. Is in mint conditions. They took around 45 minutes to do the appraisal. Once they were done they said they could only give me 18k because the car need to be repainted and some other stuff.

I was like that's BS the other dealerships offer me at least $19,500.

What a reap off! never going there again, just waste of time!


I had heard positive things about selling cars to CarMax from a few different people, so I decided to give it a try. My low mileage BMW is in good condition and their appraiser agreed, however, their offer was insulting!


Never go to CarMax

They are Ripping people Off

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