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I got my vehicle repaired through the Toyota dealer, all at my own effort. Although some bigwig at CarMax called me, they did absolutely nothing.

I still believe you should never buy from CarMax. They have become completely unethical.

Original review posted by user Apr 27, 2011

I have just bought my 4th car from CarMax. I have dealt with them since they first started operating in Duarte, CA. Initially, they were a great company. My last experience means I will never use them again.

I bought a RAV4 which has a serious problem with the sound system. I have been back to the dealership 5 or 6 times, trying to get them to acknowledge the problem. All I got was a runaround. So, I went to Al & Ed's Autosound, where the problem was immediately acknowledged. I got a quote (at dealer's cost) for the repair.

I took this document back to CarMax, and after another delay, was finally informed that -- since the car was still under warranty from Toyota -- CarMax would do absolutely nothing about this issue. It had to be handled through Toyota. So, I have wasted hours of time -- that I didn't have, since I am a busy professional -- and still have a defective car.

No one gives you the straight story. In order to get the information given above, I had to cut through the mindless iteration of "canned" language and ask very specific, "yes" or "no," questions. Even then, it was like trying to pry open an oyster. And, when I asked to speak to either the service manager or the manager of the dealership, I was told that no one was on site at the dealership for the entire week! I certainly couldn't run my business that way.

Avoid this company. They have degenerated into rip-off artists.

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Thanks for the info. I will be sure to follow up on your suggestions. :grin


Carmax is famous for pulling all the managers out of the store for weeks at a time. They send them to training classes or large company parties.

Unfortunatly they don't give anyone in the store the power to help customers. The corporate customer no service number is a waste of time. This is a stall the customer number, they can't do anything without the store managers approval. They just stroke you for a few days until someone can make a decision.

It used to be different, but today's Carmax has no service after the sale and Tom Folliard the current CEO is not customer oriented. Call the BBB they hate that or get a lawyer, Carmax will settle just about anything under $10,000 if you have a lawyer write a letter.


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