Im not a expert in the car business but these so called Sales Managers at the White Marsh store....Do they know anything about cars or people skills?My wife and I sat there for 40 minutes after our consultant said she would get a manager. I had three of them , at diffrent times tell me all diffrent things.

My wife and I just laughed. They all said diffrent things that just made no sense. Then when we ask to speak to there boss we were told he doesnt speak to customers...????? What kind of customer service is that???

It was the worst skills of some type of people that are supposed to be in charge of a "SuperStore". What a joke!!!

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The intial statement her is very true .


You are 100% right. The problem is that Carmax wants to hire Managers with no experience in car business so that they don't have to pay much. Finance/ sales managers in the industry make over $120k amd Carmax managers make half of that. I worked for carmax for 11 years. I started in 1998 and made the same amount of money in 2009. The way they have the bonus structure is a joke. It is like as if the upper management thinks that the managers don't have any barains at all. Part of the blame goes to the Sales Managers as well for not raising their voices. It took me 11 years to find out that the upper mgmt is not concerned about the people who got them where they are today. I saw new managers join with no experience that would make no sense in front of the customers. CARMAX NEEDS TO FIND OUT WHAT THE COMPETITION IS DOING.

I bought a new car from Honda dealership for less than what we were selling used Hondas (1 or 2 yr old) at that time. Its a known fact between Carmax employees, that, one can get a better deal if you are a savvy customer, and can negotiate a good deal with a new car dealership.

I will say that Carmax hires good people, which is what makes Carmax successful. It is just sad that they don't believe in taking care of the employees. With that said ..let me also tell you that the sales people are still making the same amount of commission per vehicle that they did in 1996....$150/vehicle.

That tells a lot about a company.

Also, they train people to do better in surveys so that they can be reognized as a fortune 500 company.


Well judging by how many spelling and grammatical errors there are in your post, I'm not surprised.

We all know what type of customer you are! Needy, bitchy and uneducated.

Waaa Waaa I want a manager!!

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