Bought a 2011 dodge caliber from here on 1/17/201 and to 3. We were assured inspections were done by the best and there was no issues with the car.

Well, it is now 3/15/13 and to date the car has been in the shop 5 times for the same issue. There is a problem with the suspension and carmax put rusted breaks on the car. We have drive it Maybe 3 weeks total since we bought it. Overtime we get it back we are told the problem is solved.

Well of course for a day or 2. We were told after 3 times we could opt out. Now we are going through eli the service manager. He keeps changing his story on the opt out conditions.

The car is now beibg seen by a dodge dealership on carmaxs dime because the mechanics at carmax cant find the problem. It doesnt take a scientist to know that cracking rattling and random noises are not normal. Especially for a car barely 2 years old. Anyways it's time for me to write a review and I expressed to Eli right now it won't be very good because all of the issues.

Eli Fogel told me it is not appropriate to review negatively when we have been treated kindly.

I'm sorry but for a manager to tell me I am wrong wrong mg for feeling frustrated and lied to about the situation is absolutely inappropriate. Like i have stated do not waste your time or money with this place.

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Branford, Connecticut, United States #642693

I think with all the choices from Honda, Nissan, and Toyota, anyone can find a vehicle that fits their needs. I really would not recommend an American vehicle, and let's face it, Japanese vehicles are superior.

I know there will be those American citizens that just can't accept that fact, but those people will soon die off and the new generations will be ok with that fact. So next time your driving on the highway, take notice to the makes of vehicles that are all broken down on the shoulders!

Fairfax, Virginia, United States #641879

I moved a car form NC to VA 4 months ago. CARMAX cannot figure out how to get the title to VA.

I have talked with them at least 15 times. Each and every person was a complete ***. Most could not speack english.

It was an ebonic noghtmare. Avoid this BOS business.

Branford, Connecticut, United States #624058

I just dont understand how people buy vehicles just because they like them. Doesn't anyone do any research before they buy?

There is enough information and data to find out which vehicles are good and which vehicles are always in the repair shop for God's sake. If carmax is the largest used car dealer, and sells quality vehicles, why are these vehicles in the shop so much?

Is it a coincidence that as soon as the customer buys a vehicle, it needs something fixed? carmax is the biggest ripoff company ever.

Branford, Connecticut, United States #623847

I would also say that a Dodge Caliber is not a good choice. The sales associate should have talked you out of buying a Dodge.

Branford, Connecticut, United States #623563

I have been saying this for a while now, carmax does not repair all the things that need repair! They will take their chances and hope the vehicles last 30 days!

These laws should be changed to 90 days at least.

Connecticut is 60 days. I am so sick and tired of carmax and their ways, and hopefully soon they will be out of business.

to r***ader Columbus, Ohio, United States #633019

Hmmm, not sure I would buy any Dodge product, maybe a little more product research would have been better. I have bought 4 cars from CarMax and never had an issue with any of them.

to kmb Richmond, Virginia, United States #633720

Did you know that only employess are traind to spell CarMax with a capitol "M"? Of course you didnt. Thats how you knw that this post from kmb is a lie.

to hey! Rowlett, Texas, United States #633870

I still catch myself doing it to this day.

to hey! Branford, Connecticut, United States #633897

I dont even spell carmax with a capitol C! I don't respect that ruthless company.

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