I would like to let you know that I am highly disappointed in your salesman Tom. I came in on Tuesday and test drove this Jeep and told him that I wanted to think about it.

He said that he left at six. I called at 6:05 and left him a message that we wanted to buy the Jeep, at 6:15 he called back to tell us that he had left for the day and could we come back tomorrow to purchase it so he would not lose his commission. We agreed that we would come back tomorrow as in Yesterday 2/29 he agreed that he would hold the vehicle for us. When we went to head down there last night my sister went into labor and delivered last night.

My husband called and explained the situation and he agreed to hold it until tonight when my husband gets off at 5. I called because I noticed the Jeep is no longer on your website only to be informed that you guys sold it to someone else. I am very upset because I wanted to buy it Tuesday night and the salesman wanted his commission. I feel that it is very unethical to to sell the vehicle to someone else when we have been speaking to Tom the entire time and he knows I already had financing.

I WILL NOT be back to Carmax and plan on writing as many reviews as I can as soon as I send this to you. Tom is a very SHADY person

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Let's see Tom told you he leaves at 6:00pm and you call him at 6:05pm you were trying to play games right from the start.Too bad this was not a game ,it was business. That's why they did business as usual and sold the car.


How old are you ? 12.

Tell your husband to take a stand and buy his family a car with real money. This is not 1950 when a hand shake and a promise would clothe and feed the family.remember you are trying to buy a car ,not barter for a horse and buggy!


Is this lady for real.? Th world doesn't stop because she can't make up her mind.

Did she really think they owed her something? These people are not "your" parents go cry some where else.next time leave a nonrefundable deposit.

Then make your complaint if they sale it. No money no car


At least yours was available. I'm at day 7 waiting for them to find the title! I'm in the process of being someone else's customer.


I bought your Jeep!! :grin


Carmax sales people don't get paid a commission. You had every opportunity to buy the Jeep over a three day period.

Carmax did nothing wrong. Stop posting your BS.


Wow my coworker was going there today but we read this review & he decidednto go to a real dealer. Thank You Stace.


Call them back and give this greedy carmax corporation a piece of your mind! In hindsight, feel thankful you didn't get the carmax shaft...


We received your complaint at our Home Office. Please call us at 800-519-1511. We would like to have the opportunity to speak with you.


The fact that "Tom" can't even spell the word D O C T O R S correctly, shows just how uneducated these people are. I agree with the original poster.

Seem like Tom has been jadded from his position at Carmax.

Perhaps that is something he should take up with management, not the customers. I was going to buy a car from them this weekend, but after reading these reviews, I'll take my changes at a national dealership.


Yeah, I heard the baby being delivered stall just one too many times. I guess the docters really needed you there, while I needed you here, buying the Jeep!

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