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I purchased a Mercedes 2005 C240 from Carmax and after having the car for less than a year it started to fall apart - Bad Breaks, bad mirror, air conditioning going bad and much more. We called Carmax and we got no call back, we drove to Carmax to have our breaks looked at, Carmax charges us $60 to see what is wrong with the car when we already knew what was wrong with it.

We talk to the head manager and he tells us the the other manager is out and that he would call us back - Did he? = NO.

I'll never go to Carmax again! DON'T DO IT!

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You purchased a Mercedes, what do you expect?


So I went to a Carmax superstore looking for a nice convertible. Fell in love with a 2008 Mercedes SLK.

The sales guy said it's a great car, the heater didn't work, no problem he said we can fix that. Strike #1. He goes in for the hard sell. Proceeds to tell me the car has no front in damage or was involved in a flood.

strike #2.

I didn't ask. I ran, yes ran out of there.


These thieves sell absolute ***. You had many other options but chose to get ripped off at CarSux.

Now you know.

Never go to that cesspool again. You likely paid more than you would have anywhere else and got a lower-quality piece of ***.


Lets see.....You bought an older car that has known reliability problems and nine months later it has problems. At this point you cannot blame the dealer.

First, brakes are a wear and tear item, they wear out over time. The mirror and AC are mechanical items that can also break through no fault of anyone.

If you bought the warranty the mirror and AC should be fixed but again the brakes will wear out. If you didn't then this is your problem and there is nothing CarMax could have done to prevent them.

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