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Car Max Inglewood CA, and Riverside CA are not trust worthy when it comes to auto repairs, I purchased in a cashiere check a 2004 Infinity FX for $21,737.92. I had taken the car in for concerns I had on the brakes and was told they only neeed to be lubrcated, the noise got worse when I would stop and squeek, I took it to a location closer to avoid driving 70 miles.I was told to take it car back to the location I purchased it from because they did not want to be responsible for the other CAR MAX who sold m the car.

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They weren't being dishones. You just have new, semi-metallic brake pads.

IF they make carbon brakes, switch and you should be golden.

The squeaking or rough/grinding (I'm guessing) is metal on metal until the brakes are worn in a bit.

A little annoying but not dangerous.


Ok well apart form your grammer and spelling that resembles a 3rd grader. I think I can gather the following:

You bought a car, paid cash and found it had break problems. Took it in and they said they fixed it.

Car still made sound so you took it in again....

How the *** does this make carmax dishonest, sounds like a pretty common service problem that they are working on with you.

Get real, I cant believe you even took the time to post this.

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