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I attempted to buy a 2008 Explorer from Carmax in Monrovia, a salesman came up after we looked around for a while and ask to help us. I told him I wanted to buy a Explorer or mustang for my son.

His limit was $20,000 and I would put down $10,000.

He walked around with my son and he desired a mustang. I told the salesmen if when my son drove it and he liked it I would take it. He took my sons license and we waited for him to come back. Then we waited more and more, I saw him helping some other lady and decided that this guy wasn't that interested in a sale.

My son grabbed his license which was on the counter and we started to leave. He had the nerve to ask whats up. I told him we were leaving, then he said here let me give you my card.

I told him to keep his card and told him that I don't wait to give my money away. Carmax is a joke, I spent my money elsewhere

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Nachelle sounds like a complete douche-bag.

to Fuzzy Branford, Connecticut, United States #611881

Nachelle is a perfect EXAMPLE of what carmax stands for, ignorance! She has sarcastic answer on another complaint reply as well. I am sure there are many more replies from her/him.


left too! never spend a penny at carmax, they are a ripoff.

to have you waiting when you clearly wanted the vehicle is a joke if it was for a really long time.

nachelle chill, no one is blaming you.


Wow sounds like u are a very stuck unpatient person that honestly was childish u probally complain at mcdonalds cuz u dont get waited on first. Lmao

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