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Started the online search process for a vehicle and decided on a car that was at the Laurel Md location. Because I travel all of the time, I decided I wanted to go pick up the vice from Laurel which is about a 3 hour drive.

The rep from lynchburg va encouraged me to let them transfer it for free and be responsible and that they would have it arrive prior to the date I needed. Cool, I accepted. I recurve an email the day after(Tuesday) that the vehicle had shipped and was en route(which is in line with the Saturday deadline I had and they promised to meet). Called Wednesday to check and was told it would still be there by Saturday and maybe earlier.

Called Friday morning and was then told Sunday. They aren't open on Sunday's and mind you I needed it by Saturday in the first place. I stop by and the manager (JT) says it will arrive Sunday(again they are closed Sunday's) and apologized that I was misinformed and that they use a 3rd party transfer company. It's Monday now, I go to pick up the vehicle because obviously if you were promised Saturday but then told it would be delayed and not arrive until Sunday but they were closed, the average mind would think that it would be ready Monday.

But..... this place doesn't have average minds. Walk in, look for the car and it's nowhere in sight. I ask the lady at the front desk who was the 1st forthright and honest person I dealt with in the process, who informs me that the car "catch this" has not even left Maryland and is still on the lot.

It will not even be loaded until Tuesday and will get to the dealership no later than Friday. So now a drive that I could make in 3 hours will ultimately take 11-12 days for the car to be transferred and arrive to me. Lie, after lie, after lie. Then the manager JT comes out and says that he never told me it was on the way.

Incorrect. He did tell me it was and would be there Sunday. Otherwise if he had communicated Friday that the vehicle had not left I would have gone and got it myself and would not have showed up Monday expecting pick-up. Just dishonest and downright poor customer service.

No accountability until the end. After all of this, they offer to reimburse me money for the gas for having to drive to the dealership and the car not being there. What a stand up offer that just pulled me over the line. How could I ever say no?

Pitiful. 10$ for 12 days of disappointment, broken promises, and sad service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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