I have bought over 120k worth of vehicles from Carmax over the last 4 years, including the BMW M3 I took in for service. All with extended warranty. I Tried to use my $0 deductible warranty today and ended up being refused the repair and instead being charged $50 to have them epoxy the part back together. When I realized they were going to just epoxy the item I called to cancel and the work had already been done

When I picked the car up the front spoiler had a chip in it and the epoxied part was not properly installed. I asked to speak with the GM Darren who despite my attempts to be cordial about the situation was arrogant, seemed put out and was more concerned about his staff being right then finding a solution to the problem. I even said that I would just touch up the paint and didn't even get an acknowledgment of the carelessness with my vehicle.

I will never return to Henderson, NV Carmax ever again. I am disgusted by the handling of this situation and will seek financial reimbursement for both the $50 and for the bumper repair. Furthermore I have filed a claim with the BBB.

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I had recently purchased an suv from carmax, soon after driving it for a couple of days I started noticing it veer to the right all the time. the gear shifting was always delayed and slow to respond, along with a few other problems,I brought it to carmax so they could rectify the issue.

The service dept. held my car from 07/28 to 08/08,said the alignment was a simple fix of adding more air, and as for the shifting problem they said they tested it, and all was normal. So, I get my car back on 08/13 and just drive to and from work for about under 3 weeks then my car really starts acting out rpm going high then slaming into gear on the hwy cars ae passing me because even though my rpm gauge shows it's at 2-3 rpm the gear won't shift into it's next gear to proceed all the while you can hear the engine rev is high, luckily my family and I make it back home, only to find out I can't reverse my car, when put in nuetral it moves forward put it in reverse it seems like it's in park, but if you turn the car off you can push it back into a parking space. Thats how carfax fixed my car.

I am hoping to speak to the GM Darren Cobb, in hopes that he can restore my hope in thier reputation that they speak of. I don't think I trust this car anymore (lemon) and hope that they would replace it with a similiar and safer car that would fit in with my arranged payment budget with my financeir, I really do wish Mr. Cobb could see how important of a life line this is to my family.


Kholargos, Attica, Greece #300371

B>S> complaint!!!


We received your complaint and would appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Please call us at 800-519-1511, Monday-Friday 8:30a.m.-8:00p.m. (EST).

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