Saint Cloud, Minnesota

I bought a Ford Mustang from Carmax in 2007 for over $14,000. I also purchased a $2000 warranty which did not cover anything.

The car has given me nothing but problems. I have spent over $10,000 fixing this piece of junk that they sold me. I went to Carmax for an appraisal to sell the car three weeks ago. They quoted me $2000 to buy my car.

I came back to sell it in 3 weeks and they offered me $1250. There is no excuse to *** $750 in three weeks when nothing changed with the car. The person that appraised the car blamed it on the market. Carmax is a terrible company and I will never do business there again.

I will be telling everyone I know to avoid this crooked organization and will make sure to write to several online review sites about what deplorable customer service they have. Very disappointed and unprofessional. This is why people don't respect used car salesmen.

They are disreputable. I give them 0 stars.

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Carmaxs appraisal offer is only good for 7 days so that's pretty much your own fault


It must have been pretty run down with a lot of miles on it because who wants to buy an old car with a lot of miles? Maybe that's why the offer was lower!


Its very clear that the appraisal is only good for 5/7 days (forgot which one). Also the "excuse" of blaming he market is legitimate.

The car market fluctuates a lot so its not uncommon for appraisals to change from one week to the next.

Sorry to hear about your non-covered repairs also, but again the policy explicitly goes over what is and what isn't covered. Its a not a bumper to bumper cover everything warranty.

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