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Update by user Sep 10, 2012

Well as of 9/10/2012 and numerous letters to both the Hartford CT dealership where I bought the car, and to the Corporate offices they simple just ignore the issue.

So now I\'ve filed the paperwork for small claims court and will take it up there.

Just remember that if you buy a car from these folks... they dont stand behind it and they just don\'t care.!!

Original review posted by user Aug 10, 2012

Carmax of Hartford painted the factory wheels on a 2010 Infiniti G37S convertable that had only 17K miles on the car. The painted finish began to peel off just a few weeks after buying it.

This was done without my knowledge so when I brought the car to the Infinity dealer (as it's still under OEM warranty) I was told they had been painted, the warranty was now voided on the wheels, and there was nothing Infinity could do since carmax painted the wheels.

The wheels original OEM finish is now destroyed and the cost of each to replace os $780, so the total cost is $3,120. carmax has REFUSED to answer my letter and even the CHAIRMAN (William Tiefel) has refused to answer a letter sent directly to him.

Monetary Loss: $3120.

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Frankie S

Excellent!!!! I am very happy you won your case and rightfully so.

This is just one case that proves carmax cheats customers. carmax TELLS ITS EMPLOYEES IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS, WHAT *** THAT IS! Maybe they mean its all about ripping off the customers! You really need to be an attorney sometimes to understand what some companies are truly saying.

I hope these posts are awakining potential car buyers.

DO NOT GO TO carmax for anything!!! They will try to drag you in the trap!


Had my hearing on11/1 in small claims court.. carmax admitted that they regulary repair cars and do not report the repairs to carfax or Autocheck. The stated that the wheels on my car were reparied bu them. yet gave me an autocheck report that stated NO DAMAGE or REPAIRS.

11/5 Received notice from court that I won my cas and they have to pay me by 12/3!!

So if you have a problem with them, take it to small claims court, be prepared with the facts and present your case!!! I did and will be getting a replacement set of wheels for my car!!


Exactly right.


Got you beat, they test drove my car to appraise it, drove it so fast in corner that shredded all 4 brand new tires and hit the curb bending the rim back against the fender. They offered to fix in shop without ins so that my title would stay clear and avoid carfax.

I made them buy at full retail, they sold at auction and never reported to carfax. I made sure that i put a statement on carfax for the next person though!!


I too found that CARMAX fixes damaged vehicles in house to prevent the items from being reported to CARFAX and Autocheck. I found rust in the paint on my 2011 mitsubishi endeavor with only 28K miles on it.

The sell the vehicle as if there had never been work done on it so that it rates a higher Kelly Blue Book value. They repainted the entire car for me but the company that they hired to perform the work was very incompetent and the entire car looks worse than ever. At first they were very helpful but as soon as I started to require proper work be done that helpful attitude went away. The claimed that the car meets carmax standards which is that it looks fine from five feet away.

I then had the car appraised by another carmax dealer and they appraised it at 9K less value becuase it had been painted improperly. Never again will I buy a car from carmax and I will tell everyone about what a scam artist the entire operation is :(


Take them to small claims court, do your prep work and document everything so you can present it to the judge... I did and won!!

It wasn't that hard, I'm not a lawyer.. just be clear and honest!!

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