Evans, Georgia

Delivered damaged car and said would refund transfer fee and now they won't - Absolutely terrible experience and liars at that!!! I found a BMW I wanted from carmax and had already gotten my finances approved and had a check to purchase the car.

I called carmax in Augusta and told them what I wanted but it was at another location so I paid $449 for CarMax to transfer it here to Augusta. The sales lady said it could take up to 14 days to get the car here. Well 14 days came and went and I started calling to get updates. They told me it had been shipped and a few days go by and I call back and they say it had not been shipped it.

This happened 3 different times. Finally they said it had been picked up from the other location and gave me a specific date it would be here. Well it took three more day then they told me. So it took 27 days to get the car transferred to Augusta.

So when the car arrived the salesperson called and I went to look at the car and it was damaged. All four rims were severely scratched and two tires had large gashes in the side walls and there were scratches on the car. It appeared the car had been dropped during transfer but no way to tell. They said they had a guy coming to try to repair the rims and they would replace the tires and call me tomorrow.

I called the next day after they said they would call and never did to get an update and they could not tell me anything except they were working on it. I waited for a call the next day and never got one. I called them on the third days of repairs and they still had no update so I told them I did not want the car and asked for a refund of my $449. They salesman said let me ask my manager and came back on the phone and said they said they will refund your money since it was their fault and it would be back on my credit card 7-14 days.

I still have not received the refund so I called CarMax and the Corporate office and they said they have nothing in their system of a refund so they cannot issue me one. However, they have notes in their system of everything else. How convenient is that. As a customer I worked with the sales associate as I am suppose to but they told me I should have went around the sales associate to a manager and got something in writing or made sure they put it in their system.

How is a customer to know that?

Bottom line it research and read reviews and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CARMAX!!!! They did not deliver the product as ordered and they stole $449.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Repair.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Carmax needs to address this customer publicly, make the damned refund, and never allow a sales rep to cheat a customer out of the refund again! Policy should MANDATE the customer is procted at every turn in such a situation.

Frankie S

You were the ignorant one to do business with carmax in the first place. If you did your research you wouldn't have went there to begin with. And a BMW is not a good choice anyway.

@Frankie S

Useless comment. And there is nothing wrong with buying a bmw

@Frankie S

Holy crap...so this is the sale person I suppose...

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