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I have purchased a lot of cars from Carmax. I have also referred many people to them.

My family now buys all cars from there. But after my last experience with them I am done doing business with them. My last truck I bou was a F250 which I paid 35k for. 3 years later I traded it in for a dodge 2500.

Carmax usually gives top dollar for cars that they previously sold to you but in this case I was neg 8000. I still bought the newer truck because I needed a truck with more power to tow. I went with my own financing because rates were much better and was told the dodge was only worth 32k but was being sold for 36k. I still bought the truck because I know carmax always sells top notch cars.

After driving the car 2 days I realized the belt was squeaking and there was some suspension popping in the front. It took them 2 weeks to schedule me an appointment. I took it to them and waited. They advised me that they cleaned the belt and re torqued the suspension parts.

2 days later the squeaky belt is back. Now I ha to wait another 2 weeks to get the belt cleaned again. Also the mechanic didn't put the lug nut cover back on correctly and it fell off. On top of all that carmax didn't give me any paperwork when I left the store.

They mailed it to my house a week later. Along with a new tag. All paperwork said I transferred my tag. Now I have to goto the dmv and turn in this tag.

Altogether I will have wasted many hours of my time on this truck. The reason I paid the top dollar for my truck and got nothing for my trade in was so I did have to keep wasting time. The service advisor told me when rescheduling the squeaky belt that the mechanic couldn't find the problem. He should have said something to me then.

Not just overlooked it. Carmax you need to step up your service and get back to the level of service you used to provide

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Frankie S

Never happen. Carmax will never return to the company they once were. They DON'T have to because customers are uneducated about car buying.

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