Jenks, Oklahoma

We purchased a VW van from Carmax and immediately had major issues with it. Within a year we had the transmission replaced, the engine rebuilt, the breaking system redone, the A/C compressor replaced, and many more problems after the first year.

My wife would be driving and the van would lose all power including, power steering and brakes. VERY unsafe! After 2 years of having the vehicle in and out of the shop and getting fed up we tried to have them buy our van and get us into something more reliable and safer. They offered us less than a quarter of what we purchased it for leaving us almost 9 grand upside down and making it impossible for us to afford a new safer vehicle.

They fed us BS about the market being so soft on VWs with all of VWs recent issues. They offered us almost 5 GRAND under trade-in on the van!!!! They assured us that was too dollar and all they could do. I then got on their website and found that they had multiple vans identical to ours for sale for the high retail

Price that was 11thousand more than they offered us!!

So much for soft VW market huh? We took our van across the street and worked with a group at a local Chevrolet dealership that gave us a more than fair offer on our car and helped get us into a new safe vehicle! I will tell everyone I know as long as I'm alive to never ever buy from Carmax EVER!! Their no haggle price is an advantage for nobody but Carmax!!

You can find better deals if you look around. The only thing they have going for them is a large selection.

Do your research and find a better deal. It's not hard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Trade-in.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Same EXACT thing is happening to me except with my Honda Odyssey van. I purchased my vehicle from them expecting to get a top of the line used vehicle and got the exact opposite.

Reported issues 7 days after purchase and was told they couldn't duplicate my complaints 15 months later my van was in the shop for weeks at a time off and on for months.

Now they want to offer me $6000 on a van I paid $14000 for less than 2 years ago. No way!


Isn't it comical how they feed customers with bs! The VW market is soft, yet the ones they sell are highly priced.

They always have an answer to justify them. I see why so many customers are disgusted with Carmax

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