I purchased a vehicle from Carmax, and I have had the worst car buying experience in my life. They now owe me money, but I am having trouble getting my money back! I should have known there would be problems when they advertised navigation and XM radio on the website, but the vehicle did not have it.

I traded a vehicle that was worth $4,500 that Carmax purchased from me. I also gave them a certified check from the bank for the remaining balance on the new purchase. This check was close to $13,000. I purchased the vehicle on a Friday afternoon.

The next day which was Saturday the vehicle stopped several times while I was driving it. Therefore I was unable to drive the vehicle Saturday and Sunday. On Monday morning I took the vehicle to the service department. They kept vehicle because they didn't know what was wrong with it.

They didn't offer me a loaner car to use while my vehicle was in the shop. I waited until Wednesday and I called the service department to ask about the vehicle. They still could not figure out what was wrong with it. I asked to speak to the sales manager. I explained that I needed a vehicle to drive. They had my old car and my money, but I had no car to drive. The manager then offers me a loaner car to drive.

They called me on Friday morning (a week after the purchase) to tell me that my car was fixed and running well. I picked my vehicle up on Friday afternoon. That Friday night the car started having the same problems it had before, but the problems were worse. Again the vehicle sat in my driveway Friday night, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday.

On Monday morning (week 2) I took the car back to Carmax again. Carmax has a 5 day "No Questions Asked" return policy. (Yeah right!) I informed the sales manager that I didn't want the vehicle anymore. I wanted my money back.

The sales manager went to talk to the other managers and came back to tell me that they would only let me pick another car on the lot. I told them I didn't have time to look for another vehicle that day. He said I could have another loaner car to use, and I can take my time to look for another car.

But the very next day the salesman called me (on Tuesday). He said the managers wanted me out of the loaner car. I need to come back to the dealership to pick out another car today. I told him I had to work, and I would come up to the dealership when I had time.

I went to the dealership on Friday. I gave them my car and money 2 weeks ago on this Friday. I was looking for cars for approximately 45 minutes and I test drove 2 vehicles. I now had a different car salesperson, and she kept putting pressure on me to purchase another vehicle. Also she was unaware that I traded a vehicle before. She informed me that they had a customer yell at the managers early that day because they didn't give her a fair price on her trade in. I then found out that Carmax had cheated out of my trade in!

They gave a lady who had the exact same vehicle I did the same amount of money for her trade. BUT, her car had significant hood damage to it. MY TRADE HAD NO DAMAGE TO IT! NONE!

After this I was ready to go. I went ahead and picked a car to purchase which ended up being an additional $10,000 more than my original purchase. I told my fiancee to bring me $10,000 from his savings account to purchase a $27,000 SUV. Problem! He noticed that the front bumper was damaged and the passenger seat belt was not working properly! I asked the sales lady and the manager if they could fix the bumper to make the deal. They said it would cost to much money. They would only fix the seat belt. They then attempted to force me to purchase the vehicle.

I had enough of Carmax that day! I told them to give my old car back and my money right away. The manager left and was gone for about 20 mins or so. The manager came back and he was upset that I wanted my old car and my money back. They had already sold my old car. They said that it would take 1 week to get a check in the mail for almost $17,000.

I waited 1 week for my check to come in the mail. No check ever came in the mail. It was now the end of the 3rd week since Carmax had my money. I called the corporate office. They said the manager gave me the wrong information, and I can call customer service to report him. The corporate office said it takes up to 20 days to get a refund in the mail (the mail refund department). She put me on hold to call the dealership. They tell her that no one told me that I would get a check in 1 week in the mail.

It gets even better! The corporate office tells me that I can go to the dealership and pick up a BANK DRAFT (a check you can not cash, and takes 2 or more days to clear) for my trade in value of $4500. The rest of my money would be mailed in a week or so.

I sit here writing this to warns others. I have no car to drive! They sold my trade in. They gave me a bank draft for only $4500 that has not cleared my bank yet.

I still have not received my check in the mail for the money Carmax owes me!

During this whole process the Business Office at the dealership was rude! The manager of the business office even told me to leave or she would call the police on me.

Because I asked them for an exact date that I would receive my check in the mail, so I can buy a car from somewhere else.

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Wasn't it a 5 day buyback guarantee? I'm not defending anyone here, just reading into the facts.

Did the dealership really have to let you pick out a different car at all? They could have just kept trying to repair the vehicle that you purchased, right? Just my 2 cents.

You should have just driven as many vehicles as it took until you found the one you liked. Considering that they were honoring the 5 day buyback, 2 weeks after purchase.


you have 5 days to return a car bought at carmax no questions asked. Why wouldnt you just return it when it stopped running multiple times the next day? something doesnt add up.




One thing you should all know is CarMax has a handful of people in their corporate office whose job is to surf the internet. They post reviews on forums like this defending & rationalizing what they do.

I saw a couple on here. Also their is NO WAY IN *** that they couldve sold your trade in less than a week even if they auctioned it. It takes about 9 days for a wholesale car to run through auction.

It takes takes about 2 weeks for a carmax vehicle & as much as 30 days for a valumax. THEY LIE, LIE, LIE!!!


CarMax oaklawn illinois , fresh managers and techs are straight from college , no on the job skills , no customer relations. So how can they do repair on your car when most of them are just starting in the filed.


I never bought a car from Carmax, but I just sold them one. I have 2 cars both paid off.

I broke my leg and have not been able to work for the past 4 months and who knows how much longer. Anyway, we had our car appraised at several dealership just to buy it straight out without having to trade it. We found Carmax appraisal to be $3500 MORE than everyone else. I had done my resale value research, and Carmax came in exactly to what we wanted.

Got check the same day, deposited it, took 5 days to clear. I think that allows them time to really verify that the title is clean.

So after reading this, I will NOT buy a car from Carmax, but they were very fair with buying from me.

Tony A

Wow, this story sounds exactly like mine. I was promised an "expedited" refund of my bank's finance check as well as my personal cash down payment. It has been two full weeks and neither my bank nor I have seen a red cent.

They also would not give me my trade-in back.

I am completely flabbergasted that Carmax will withdraw funds within 12 hours of me driving off the lot but once I return the car I have to wait weeks to get the money back.

I am filing suit in small-claims to recover what I have lost in rental car fees and compounding interest on a loan for property that has not been legally mine in weeks!


I am going through the exact same thing. My check engine light has been going on since the 5th day which happend to be a Sat.

I believe now they sold the car to me with the check engine light on. I have never driven my car for more than a week at a time. I purchased my car 6-1-10 and my car is yet again in the service center as of today. I'm talking to a lawyer and my loaners about a buyback and suing the pants off of them.

They are rude & I have talked to corporate as well. The manager won't see me. I to had to have another service consultant step in since my 1st was tired of dealing with us. It is the same problem the whole time.

Now I have a warranty with Mercedes and not Carmax.

Carmax is trying to say they don't have to fix my car even though they "warrant" the work and parts they do. I'm sick of them.


CARMAX has a great concept, but that's about it. I found the exact car I have been looking for on their site, went down to the store, gave them $600 for the transfer fee, and it was here 4 days later.

Great! Yea, not so much! AC didn't work, doors didn't open right, seat motor was out, numerous other problems...the AC being the biggest! We took it back FOUR times for them to fix it & finally they got it right but had to take it to the dealer for them to fix it.

I think they should have given us our $600 back since it was advertised as having an AC, and all the other "options" that didn't work! Now, three months AFTER we purchased the van, we're still waiting on the motor for the seat but the real kicker...they called & said we owe THEM more money for our trade in! They said we owed more than what was paid off on it. Too bad CarMax!

I'm not paying another dime...they want us to pay for their mistake!

I'll never buy from them again. Lesson learned.


if all of this stuff was broken why did you choose to purchase the car and drive it off the lot? Seems like a simple test drive would have taken care of this .


. .


decsande-you are the dumbest person on earth. i wish i had a car to sell you.

are you a blond? you were unhappy after spending 13,000 and you gave them another 10,000? are you kidding me? woman your fiancee is one lucky dude.

my father told me to marry the dumbest girl i could find.

he hit the jackpot! :cry


To EnthuZast1986, you sound to be one of the most self-centered, arrogant, ignorant, bitter, unsympathetic people I've ever had the displeasure of almost encountering. I sincerly hope that this is not actually the case.

Now who are you to judge what someone else in an obviously entirely different life should do with THEIR money? Do you know the financial situation of every stranger you think about? Do you think you're the most financially responsible person on the planet? Who are you to say that they should spend that money on education?

Perhaps they've spent thousands on education and still have money to spend. It's fairly obvious that you've have issues with your current station in life but, what the *** does your son have to do with any of this? Or the fact that you drive a 98 Blazer without certian airbags?

What the *** does that have to do with this poor woman's claim?

To Miss Decsande, for your part in posting this I thank you for educating me on your experiences with CarMax. I've never had such a percitpitious drop in my opinion of a company after reading this and many other peoples personal struggles in dealing with a company and I now most certianly will not shop with them.


I feel you. We discovered the car we bought from them was a lemon and returned it on day 3 of their 5 day policy.

We're on day 19 of waiting for them to refund our down payment (day 13 if you only count business days). We call everyday to see if they've sent our check yet, everyday they give us some story as to why it's not here yet. They originally told us 5 - 10 business days.

We can't move forward with looking for a car without it. Very frustrating!!!!


Why would you expect your car back? You traded it in, and you went beyond that 5 day return period.

The fact that they even were willing to let you pick another car is nice. Plus, dude, you gotta remember that you're buying A USED CAR, so if there's "damage" to the bumper, they may not want to fix it because it would force them to increase the price of the car, which I'm sure would have ticked you off to no end.

Read the fine print on the return paperwork, buddy. I guarantee you it says somewhere on there about how long it takes for money to be returned.


:( yeah definitely he worked for the *** CARMAX!! they sell broken cars..

i wont ever ever buy car from them anymore nor would i recommend it to anybody.

and their maintenance worker are some bunch of idiots!! will juz make ur car worst!!!!


@EnthuZast1986, How can you say that? "You must work for Car Max".

If she wanted her money back then they should have followed their five day "POLICY" and refund her money. Who are you to say what she should have done. And what do you mean her mouth got her in trouble? She has the right to speak up for herself and to ask for HER money back.

I wouldn't even wanted another car from car max after the 1st one broke in a week. I feel sorry for that lady because they treated her wrong.

Now that I have read this I will NOT go to Car Max. Thanks...


You should have seen it didn't have navigation. Also, how did you take the car to them TWICE if it was "Broken," and sat Saturday, Sunday.

Well, my brother bought an Eclipse for 12,500 from them. They replaced front and rear bumpers, passenger door, and even one of the wheels because they were keyed. I've bought three cars from them. No problem.

Car sales is a scam. Its the name of the game, and how they make money. Be ready. Your mouth got you in trouble this time.

You couldn't find ANY car on ANY of Carmax's lots? What car where you looking at? I would have just picked one just like the one that messed up, and fought over the transfer fee. Its better than fighting about 17,000.

So, in all, you are crying because you got 4500.....so far...with more coming in just a few weeks? Wow. I drive a 98 Blazer with 182 thousand miles on it. Go ahead.

Call me a hick, insult me, and laugh. Now, picture my seven month old son in the back, and my wife in the passenger seat that doesn't have an airbag. Not so funny anymore is it. There are always people out there who have it worse than you.

Quit crying because you have 4500 and can't find another car to suit your selfish needs. If you take (10,000 dollars) from your husband's (savings...key word...savings) then you are making another *** decision in this economy. So, go take your 14,500 bucks, and just put it as a down payment. Problem solved until two weeks when the rest comes in.

Isn't it logical that Carmax would sell your trade in five days? Yes. So, just go buy yourself a car, because if you are taking 10k from your husband's savings to do it, it will make you feel better. You're fueling your selfish needs instead of keeping that money and spending it on better things like your children's education.

I may drive a Blazer with 180k miles on it, but my kid has a college fund after only being here for seven months. Time to grow up, and either take a step down and settle for less for now, or wait, and get what you want.

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