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Carmax can't seem to get my car I purchased from them fixed. I purchased a car that was supposed to be free of oil leaks or any issues.

It was supposed to have passed the 125 point inspection but was not up to par. They had my car for over a week and were still ordering parts. No sense of urgency or care from Carmax at all. They sold me a car with issues that they can't even fix.

Good Luck if you ever buy from Carmax and the car has issues.

Good Luck if you ever go to Carmax in Duarte. Edwin or Ronnie can't do anything to help you and it is hard to get the real hard truth out of them, they just say everything is fine and will be ok.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $16000.

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Who ever said a vehicle is in a junkyard due to a car crash? Many are totaled due to flood damage! Would definately like my cars electrical system being repaired with parts from a junk car that was submurged under water....

Hmm, Think First!


CarMax does not make used cars they sell them. be smart.

u rather buy part from china new than used part made by Gm/ford...

idk y . but ok so car crashes all the parts are not bad duh!!!!


Sorry to say but good luck @ any carmax you visit.... Lackluster quality.

Been on a downhil slope for several years now. They enjoy "cost savings" by repairing vehicles with parts from junk yards.

All to save a dime & increase their wall street profits. Think First!

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