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CARMAX PUT MY LIFE IN DANGER! CarMax sold me a vehicle with tires almost ten years old. Michelin recommends replacing tires every five years regardless of age because the rubber compound ages and dries. The right rear tire was severely worn down and the left rear tire blew out while I was driving on the freeway. My car could not even make it to the shoulder, 911 was called and police had to stay behind my car with flashers to prevent collisions until a tow truck came to move my vehicle. There are hundreds of fatalities a year due to blown out tires (including the tragic death of Paul Walker) and it is upsetting to know such a large, well-known company would be so careless towards their customers and they are willing to risk your life to save some money. I write this review to expose CarMax’s deceptive business practices (which 11 consumer groups have already requested the Federal Trade Commission to investigate), and to more importantly educate people who are purchasing vehicles from this company. PLEASE DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. This was my first car purchase, I didn’t have much knowledge on cars, and was new to the area so I was unable to bring someone knowledgable with me or find a mechanic I trusted to inspect my purchase. I was completely mislead by their “guaranteed quality inspection,” which was the only reason I chose to purchase a car through them as oppose to anywhere else. So please ensure you educate yourself about tire safety before purchasing a vehicle at CarMax or any other place. (For example: A tire with a DOT code of 4404 was made on the 44th week of 2004.)

As far as customer service, they could care less. I physically went to the location and was assured by the salesmen who sold me the vehicle and his manger that I would receive a call from someone who could assist me in two days. I waited almost one week and never received a call. I had to contact customer relations myself and got nothing but aggressive grief and my complaint was never even filed in their notes! They will rush you to purchase a car, have you sign up for overpriced car insurance so you can drive it home (don’t make this mistake either - they say you can cancel at anytime, but what they don’t tell you is you will pay a hefty fine for canceling), and then ask you to write a good reviews and take a survey.

My two cents on CarMax: They are just as crooked if not more than any other place you can purchase a used vehicle, but what’s worse is they disguise themselves as trustworthy. They literally told me they are “the good guys of used cars.” Wolves in sheep’s clothing is a far more accurate description. You are better off hiring a mechanic to come with you to inspect a used car at another place or independent seller and avoid getting ripped off on the price. Their “quality inspection guarantee” is nothing but a peace of mind, which again makes it even worse because now you are driving a potentially dangerous vehicle thinking that it is safe!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $699.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Carmax Cons: False claims.

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I believe you. These unscrupulous jackles sold my wife car with miss match tires and only after threatening ligitation they “decided” to replace all four tires.

Not quickly it took 3 days to find the tires on a sedan. Not a truck or sports car a sedan. There’s too many people and layers to fight through to get anything done. Not to mention get it done quickly.

Their service center is always booked out at least a week. They sell questionable cars and sell you a warranty that may not be worth the paper it’s printed on.

Never. Again.


I doubt Michelin say anything about tires on a car needing to be replaced in only 5 years


My step father bought a Mazda CX 7 from them and had to return the entire car 3 times for a different CX 7 because of tire problems.

The first two CX 7s had suspension damage that caused the tires to "crab" and get severe wear on the outer edge of the tread pattern, as well as flake off bits of rubber constantly. The only reason we found out about it was because we had Lemon Busters come and inspect all three vehicles.

The $300 they charged ($100 per vehicle) saved us thousands of dollars in potential repairs and our safety.

We later discovered that this suspension issue was a common problem on CX 7s and that most dealers were supposed to know about it. I guess Carmax chose to remain ignorant.


I agree that carmax is worse than others. For a company so big they cut way too many corners.