Dallas, Texas

I bought a used Nissan Murano at carmax. I had trouble from the start.

I had it in the shop almost every 2 weeks for repair. One time the driver seat broke on me!! It was leaking oil on me another time and the car-max repair people told me to just put more oil in it!! I spent alot of money on that car in the 2 years that I had it.

It finally broke down on me in July, 2011 and the Nissan repair place said it needed a new engine and transmission, around $7000.

I gave it back to car-max and now they want me to pay the balance on the car note. I will certainly not buy another car from Car-max.

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Ringmaster has it right

Frankie S

So much for the 125 point inspection! carmax inspected, did not want to put $$$$$$$$ into the vehicle because they would not be able to make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on it, so they sold it and KNEW that the Murano would pass the 30 day return policy. Great job carmax!!!!


It is very sad that such a large comapany with areputation of great servic and great cars turns out to be a scamming agency. Carmax seems to specialize in selling cars with bad engine while pretendign to run 5 star check on.

I purchases a Nissan Sentra from carmax as well on Oct. 1st, 2011, by the 6th, it was making odd noise. So I broguht it in for a check up on the 12th and they announced to me that the engine was bad ad they were just going to let me return the car instead of fixing it because it would be too expensive (car was under warranty I paid for), as I am being tossed around from one helpless supervisor to another, each of them with a different version of the story and no soluton to the problem, I resulto returning it and do purchase my car else where.

Still waitng on my deposit!!!!! Please, go spend your money where itis worthwhile!!!

Frankie S
@Queen G

It is very sad for the consumer Queen G, but the ceo and shareholders only care about one thing, and one thing only and that is THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. They actually think that money will make them happy, but I am willing to bet the majority of them are either cheating on their spouses, or their spouses are cheating on them.

The odds are so incredibly high that this is actually happening, because most of these people have no morals.

So in the end, who are the real losers? A rich loser, but a loser.


I hope it helps a little to know that based on reading your post I've just decided not to purchase the $ 41,000 car I have been contemplating from CarMax. Thanks for your post. And, best of luck to you.

Frankie S

Very wise decision. It takes a lot not to buy a vehicle you really like, but you made a great decision.


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