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I purchase a 2004 Lincoln Aviator in July 2008 from the Jacksonville, Fl Carmax. I have had problems with the car since the week 2 of ownership. To date, I have spend nearly $5,000 on repairs, including the latest repair of rebuilding the transmission at a tune of $2,300! The service dept. and GM at the Jacksonville location should be arrested for theft of services and fraud.

My extended warranty was absolutely worthless. The warranty co. fought with the service dept. every time I had it in. I had over 4 loaner cars in which 3 of them left me stranded on the side of the road. I missed countless hours of work, spent countless hours of my precious time and opened my wallet far too many times to count to repair this piece of garbage they sold me nearly 2 yrs. ago.

The sad part about the whole situation is that Carmax just doesn't know the heartache and heartbreak their customers go through when buying a lemon from them. You have NO idea what a financial strain you have put me in. It's a wonder you can sleep at night knowing you committed fraud by selling a car that was not properly inspected before you placed it on the lot.

The most amusing part of the story is when the "manager" offered to let me "give the car back" to Carmax and chose another vehicle. Well, that would be fine and well but the finance company all of a sudden jacked my interest rate up by 10% for the new car! At that point I was stuck. I was a sucker, I admit. I liked my salesman Dado, and trusted the company. I still respect my salesman...he tried everything in his power to help me.

The corporate customer service is worthless. They took my review off of the Carmax website and never contacted after writing a letter to corporate and submitting a complaint online. I am still pursuing a lawsuit. If anyone wants to join in, please let me know!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Repair.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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After reading several posts from pissed CarMax customers, I noticed that the corporate office responds with their phone number to offer help...don't buy their BS. They will not resolve anything!

CarMax sells garbage from auctions!

DO NOT BUY A VEHICLE FROM THEM. They sell absolute garbage and offer ridiculous appraisals!


I too purchased a vehicle from Carmax back in 2005. Within 6 months of my purchase the check engine light came on and has never gone out except for short periods after dumping some major money into it for some major repairs.

What is so great about being a consumer is, that retail businesses rely on us to survive. It is the consumer who has the power to make or break a retail business. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with the customer service, the salesperson's attitude, and the way management handles your complaint, then do not purchase from them ever again. Businesses like Carmax fail to realize one important concept: "Repeat customers are vital to the survival of retail businesses." Carmax will eventually fold, because of lack of customer loyalty resulting from its treatment of consumers.

Also, remember testimonials of bad experiences travel twice as fast than testimonials of good experiences. Remember this Carmax, you brand your cars with the "Carmax" logo.



Please call us at 800-519-1511 to discuss your complaint further. We would like to see how we can help.


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