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I purchased a 2007 Lexus RX350 from Carmax in Orlando, off Semoran blvd and I have to say that the sales person, George M, was awesome. I have purchased over a dozen cars from dealerships new and used and this was the best sales process that I have ever been thru. Price was good, they screwed me a little on the trade in, car was in impeccable condition and I purchased a warranty program as well, the entire process from start to finish was smooth as silk, couldn't be happier, thought I have a customer for life.

That's where the good at CarMax ended. To make this brief, the car died, they told us the AC compressor and the belt needed replacing, They had the car for 19 days and when we got it back, within a week the AC started having problems. In a 3 month period, CarMax had our car int he shop for over 31 days and when it was fixed, we picked it up, and driving out of the service bay, the AC went out. They kept the car another 12 days and when we got it back, the dashboard was cracked and damaged in several places, the area around the ignition was gouged and cracked and there were boot prints all over the seats. When we brought this to the service managers attention immediately, he took some pictures and said, let me talk to my other manager and we'll call you on Monday.

When I spoke to them on Monday, i was told that they researched this and Lexus using sub-standard material for the dashboards and having the car in the sun for the time it was at their facility is probably what caused it and they would do nothing to fix it. REALLY??? Lexus uses sub-standard material??? I searched the internet and couldn't find a single thing about Lexus using sub-standard material. I called again and and the manager again told me that we didn't do and we're not fixing it.

CARMAX DID OVER $4000 OF DAMAGE TO OUR CAR and they deny any culpability at all.

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO CARMAX FOR REPAIR, YOU WILL BE SORRY! There are reviews all over the internet that state their service center sucks and I truly believe that they don't know what they are doing. When we got the car back for the second time before the AC went out again, they tried to get me to pay another $250 deductible and I questioned them on how that could be since they warranty the repair for 6m months and after talking to our rep, who knew nothing about how cars work, only knows how to set appts, they finally agreed that we wouldn't have to pay.

In my opinion, what the did to me is almost criminal and I WILL NOT EVER TAKE MY CAR TO THEM AGAIN.

Hope this helps anyone else who is thinking about going to Carmax. Though I liked George and would have bought another car from him, I can not support a business that will not own up to their mistakes.

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Get a Lexus dealership to write up in an affidavit what the issues were and sue CarMax in small claims court. Make sure you have a report from a reputable car dealer or repair shop write you a report on how the damage occurred and that CarMax caused it.

Even if the damage were caused by "substandard" materials (how did the dash break? Were they standing on it?), does not negate that they sold the product and it was in their possession. They have insurance for this. Also, file a complaint with your state Attorney General's office.

Look for the consumer protection unit.

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