Los Angeles, California

I purchased my car from Carmax based upon its 125 point inspection only to find out later from the Jaguar repair shop that the vehicle had major issues. Carmax's service department repeatedly told me the car was okay but I insisted something was wrong.

My vehicle was at the repair shop for 2 weeks when I decided to take it upon myself to call the repair shop myself. They stated the car had major issues and they didn't want to service it and gave me a list of the issues. Carmax Service stated we are not going to make you a new car. I still believe in the business model carmax has laid out but HONOR is not something I feel they believe in at this point since they are vividly trying to avoid responsibilty for the $20k plus repairs that have taken place thus far.

Moreover, I have driven the car only 25k miles with continuous problems. What happens once the warranty is up?

I still have to pay them for the car and repair bills. Doesn't sound fair to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Repair.

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yup, carmax will do that to you. grrrr.


Dude, it's a Jaguar. It's gonna break.

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