Dallas, Texas
Not resolved

I recently bought a car at Carmax in Richmond. They treated me very well until I left the lot.

Two of my tires are damaged after only 10 days of driving the vehicle.

They refused to replace the tires and damaged rims because they consider this to be 'physical damage.' I called my sales' associate, too, and he wanted nothing to do with my issue. He said that it wasn't his problem, and only an issue with the service department.

I feel like my service warranty is worthless and completely hollow. I wish that I could just have my issue resolved instead of being shunned.

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Didn't hit a curb or anything like that. The tires started chewing off from the side, not along the tread only a few days later.


well if you wreck your car or hit a curb it is the drivers fault not the person who sold you the car.

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