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I purchased a car in december from the charlotte nc carmax. you have 5 days to return it. day 6 the car started having issues. carmax then told me "the market has changed" and we can offer you 7 grand less than what you paid SIX DAYS AGO.

i contacted carmax care to find out what could be done... couldn't ever reach a person who could tell me anything about my policy. they did not respond to my emails at any point.

when i traded in my car, it needed new tires. they deducted that from what they were willing to pay for my car... reasonable. today i went to a tire dealer b/c one of the tires had a slow leak. turns out THERE ARE USED TIRES ON THE CAR.

the tire employee showed me exactly how bad they were and said the tires were dangerous and there was no way they didn't see it 3 months ago. and of course it isn't the dealerships problem and they could care less.

don't buy from them unless u want to get a POS car and enjoy getting screwed.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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They only care now that its public and bad for their image. This company leaves bad tires on so many cars.

one day someone will get hurt by the garbadge they sell.

125 point inspection? yea right


I am glad I didn't get as far as buying a car from there though my husband and I were highly considering it. We received a really nasty attitude and smart mouth from a guy named Josh today.

He is one of the salesmen at the Easton Mall area located in Columbus, Ohio. He is in the wrong profession and it was obvious he wasn't trying to sell me a car especially one that I was interested in.

I am now thankful for his nastiness towards me. I feel so bad for you all!


We purchased a car 5 days ago. We told the salesman we did want the gap insurance.

He did not include it and the manager of the store would not put it on there after we left the lot. He rushed us and I feel we made a bad decision by going with Car Max!


Took my car in and the guy told me the new cars like mine sell for 26500.00. My car was 10 months old...they "appraised" my car at 21000.00.

It is a toyota and never been wrecked and runs like a top. I was very disappointed.


We received your complaint and we would like to discuss your experience with CarMax further. Please call our Home Office at 800-519-1511, M-F 8:30a.m.-8:00p.m. EST. We would appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.


CarMax Customer Relations


These bazturds offered me $13,000 fer me car...1 year later i sold me car fer $21000. Scammers.

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