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I’ve been trying to purchase a preferably black, 2002-04 Z06 Corvette. I thought I’d try Carmax, thinking as your slogan states “The way car buying should be”. This hasn’t been my experience. Here is a brief summary;

1. The Irvine location has three times told me or expressed that they had a particular vehicle in stock but they did not. One response was "we sold that several days ago" another was "It's out on demo and won't be back for a while”.

2. The LAX location could never answer a simple question about a vehicle‘s exhaust, tires etc.. "Oh, others have asked me about that". I can see that I was not alone in being ignored.

3. The latest, at the Duarte location. A 2004 Z06 shows up after midnight and is priced at approximately $31,988. I email the location about purchasing. Not more than an hour later, I go back to the site to show a coworker the vehicle, the pictures are removed and the price has been increased by over $1,500 dollars! This is "how car buying should be"? A customer shows interest in a car and the price is jacked up!

Is there a computer program that raises the price of a vehicle when there is interest in it?

Monetary Loss: $1688.

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I found a GTO (05) at Carmax in Fort Worth that i wanted, Called and had a buyers order faxed to me, showed up with the check and even pre purchased insurance on the car, thats how sure i was that i was going to buy the car. Car drove fine but when i looked under the hood i saw some rust i didn't like, looked under the cat and it was rusty from front to back, the transmission lines had rust coming off them, i looked at the other GTO they had (06) and it was missing the factory skid plate so i talked to the sales manager and he assured me they met there standards and the rust did not yet penetrate, i guess if theres no puddle on the parking lot it's good to go.

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