Baltimore, Maryland

I recently purchased a 2010 Toyota Highlander from CarMax Laurel Maryland Found car at VA location and had shipped to Laurel. Looked good and I traded in my 2004 Highlander to save time.

After driving car for few days found numerous issues that should have been taken and car of in their 150+ inspection process.

Had to take my time to re-visit Carmax to get corrected, now another problem showed up, the ignition switch is bad and now told 3-5 days more, part is out of stock. This has been bad experience based on how they advertise.

I would never recommend or buy another vehicle from CarMax.

The pre-inspection process on this vehicle was horrible, they missed the most common issues like dirty air cleaners filters, dirty interior marks, battery clams were rusty...what a poorly run more Carmax and will tell my friends I do not recommend Carmax for their next car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Vehicle Inspection.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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its the trend now at carmax. in the past they used to put out good cars that were inspected 125 point inspection. These past 3 years they are expanding and do not care about employees or customers

Frankie S

I would like to keep this particular topic fresh on my opinion on fleets and rentals. It's very important to do plenty of research before buying used.

Frankie S

The vehicles at carmax look pretty good from the outside I will admit, but many of those vehicles are purchased from fleet and rental companies. carmax trains sales people to explain to the customers that these companies have very strict maintanence schedules for their vehicles.

So what does that really mean carmax? To me, that means they do regular oil changes and regular tire rotations and maybe change brake pads when needed. I dont think they can do anything about customers abusing the vehicles, though! I was talking with a friend the other day who has his car in the shop for repair, and he told me that he had a Chrysler rental and he actually said to me that he was going to beat that thing!

Now this guy is in his 60's! My point is, people DO BEAT RENTALS AND FLEETS.

carmax HAS MANY RENTALS AND FLEETS. It's one thing to beat on a rental or fleet when it's not yours, but it's another thing to spend thousands of dollars to go buy one.

Frankie S

The bottom line is you had a bad experience at carmax.

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