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Carmax only sell cars substantially above their true market retail value. Trade in values offered are also below the normal trade in values well documented on line.

Did extensive research on true (full) retail values of used cars and found a much higher attempted billing (Sticker price), than that of other used car retailers. Salesperson knew almost nothing about the model I was interested in, even though it had sat on their lot for over 55 days. I had to teach the salesperson about features on the car. They will not negotiate even when you show them proof of retail overpricing.

Did not and will not ever buy from them as a result. Buyer beware and do your homework on retail values of used cars.

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To the person who said that these thieves sell "the best", which CarSux location do you work for? Quality at CarSux is far lower than a dealer and even lower than a standard used-car outfit.

These *** cost customers thousands with their atrocious way of doing business. Bad pricing, lousy service, garbage warranties.

Its their ads that keep the chumps going there. CarSux is a disgrace.


So what's the value proposition to support high sales price and low trade price? If the price of the car for sale is higher than what a bank can use to determine value....KBB for example...

and the price you're being offered in trade is substantially lower than KBB, then you're spending money you can never recover. Buying a car is a bad enough deal for you financially without this kind of ripoff scheme. Buying from car max eliminates any chance for a fair car deal.

Run away and never go back. Take it from an Economist.


1. CarMax sells the highest quality used cars.

Period. This is well documented and well known even on wall street as they are a public traded company.

Their prices do seem a bit high, but I believe you are paying a premium because you are buying a from a top rated company. (highest BBB rating, fortune top 100 companies to work for, best guaranty in the business ect) I have bought two vehicles from CarMax and had a very good experience, I'm sorry you did not.


You folks do realize that the used car market is an "open" style market? Huh? What? ok, this means there is no fixed price or value for a used car. Yes, this is a fact. There are "Blue Book" values, suggested values, but only the seller and the buyer decide the true value of a car. Car max checks and details and transfers and bla bla bla... so they say; "this is how much the car is worth." This is not against the law, or bad business even, its just their way of doing business.

The wonderfull thing is that you dont have to buy!! Yes, you can look and if its too much for you then you can walk out. The same goes for them buying your car: they decide how much they want to pay, its simple, you decide if you want to sell it at that price!! I dont see the issue. You can buy a pair of jeans at Nordstrom for $95.00 or you can shop and find it at a discount store for $45.00. What's the issue? Carmax is the Nordstrom of the used car business, big clean, good looking stores, dressy people..etc. All of that costs money, cant pay the bills by buying and selling like everyone else.

Go after starbucks or your local movie theater selling you coffee and popcorn at 700% profit. Or just shop somewhere else. Simple.


There is 20% of the country that does not like negotiating for a matter what type of deal they get they fell like they have been ripped off.

Carmax retail price is almost always higher than what you get at another dealership...but there is a group of people that want something for one simple price so they don't feel like they lost the negotiating battle.


I suspect you don't work for anyone because you can't spell.


I ment you thats good


I suspect you work for carmax


its their business, right!

go shop somewhere else

its THE free country, right! :p

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