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Bought a car 3 mos ago from Carmax with 35000 miles on it and had to have it towed in because it overheated. They said it needed a cooling fan.

It was there for a week waiting for parts. While there they said it was leaking oil and they put a dye in and said to bring it back in a week to see where it was leaking. Never saw a spot of oil or anything myself. Took it back to be checked, they said it needed a head gasket and the air conditioning hose had a tear in it and had to be replaced.

Okay, it is now over two weeks it has been sitting in the shop and they keep calling saying, " since we are in the right area of the engine, we can replace your water pump for x amt of dollars because it may go out later...we can replace you serpentine belt even though it is ok ...we can replace your timing belt now because it could go out later for x amt. They keep trying to get us to pay for things that aren't covered by the warranty and aren't broken. I keep saying no and they keep calling with something new almost every day. All I want is for them to fix what is broken and give me my car back.

So far, everything has been covered by the extended warranty I bought but I feel they are trying to use fear tactics to try to get me to spend more money.

Now they are saying they don't even have the part and don't know when I can have my car back. We had an appointment for Monday and Tuesday and I thought meant we would get the car back on Wednesday.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Oil Change.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Fix the car and give it back and if they want to replace unbroken parts do it but don't charge me.

Carmax Cons: Deceit, Service dept resa.

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Tell them you will go to the State Attorney General's Office

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