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Carmax is a corrupt corporation and needs to be exposed. A manager brings a paintball gun to work and starts shooting employees inside the repair shop. He shoots orange paintballs all over the walls in the shop. An employee calls the "cool line" and reports it to the company. The next day

Tom Nolan the regional vice president of operations comes to the shop and looks at the walls and sees the paint.

His official response? "A regional walked the facility and there was no paint to be found" the next day they came in and painted over the orange stains on the walls they could not wash off. We have pictures!! In fact they are still on the wall in most places Tom Nolan covered this up and allowed employees to be abused by management!!

this is just the begining. Illegal EPA violations racist actions and statements being covered up. One thing after another. WHERE IS THE HOME OFFICE!! WHERE IS THE OVERSIGHT!! Expose these people before more are abused by them SPEAK UP CARMAX EMPLOYEES!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Repair.

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Please post pictures...


They fired those managers for stealing the next month. Its funny they are allowed to shoot the workers with paintball guns and carmax covers for them but when they steal money from carmax they were gone like the wind.

It shows what they care about.

Money, not customers not employees not honesty, thye are crooks. Tom Needs to go , but thye will just replace him with more of the same


Take matter into your own hands and take care of business with a little street justice. Punks like him need it. This wil send a clear message to the rest of the so called managers.


Fire Tom Nolan!!


I recommend you guys start a class action suit with specific issues you all issued. There is a great lemon law lawyer in calf but you can type in lawyers car fraud issues. This would give you some support how to do it better.

I was going to go there but I started to see their car prices over kelly book prices and I asked the rep and he said they have "no haggle" prices so they can't lower them BJ


Who is going to hold Tom nolan the regional vice president accountable for this? The writing is on the wall.

The proof is there the lies continue.

Carmax corporate has no integrity they dont care about anything but profit.

THis guy needs to go!!


Take ride to their home, teach them a lesson, and then deny it, just like they do!


:sigh Tom Nolan needs to b fired and GM Mike Russel from Live Oak Texas..He took adavantage of my mom which is 82yrs old..she bought a 2007 Pt Cruiser and pd cash. 40k miles 5 days and 5 hrs tranmission went out..he wouldnt give her a refund..she was sick for a week..I believe what comes around goes around.


maybe he should fire him self this time? integrity?


fairness? he has none of these things hes a snake


call the "cool line " and you get fired for "unrelated incidents" and they are the crooks.


they will be painting over the walls again lol the paintballs are STILL there and you can see where they painted over them in most spots. there is no covering this up


hes on front street about it now. Carmax is going to be on national news for everything they have tried to cover up this may be something petty but allowing employees to be physically abused with solid proof is just the tip of the iceberg.

They need to be exposed. People need to have a voice


A word of advice. If this post is related to the other post then you all are going about this entirely the wrong way.

There are more effective ways of handling your situations than posting stuff all over this site. Approach it from a level of professionalism not anger.


are you really suprised? if they admit it they are liable to a lawsuit. These companys never admit anything.

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