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on jan 24-2012 i sold my car to carmax they say they will issue you a bank draft that was a lie all i got was a company check that i deposited in to my bank they ran it 7 times it was no good,they sent me a cashiers check from their bank wells fargo again i deposited it,magain it was not made good so they have my car and i have 2 worthless pieces of paper from carmax for 29.000 this all took place when dealing with the tinley park illinois store to date i still have not been paid for the car

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I brought my car to CM for appraisal and possibly trade toward another car. KBB trade in value is around $24k+ and retail at around $28k. CM appraised it at $18K ($6k below fair market value). I got a little upset and let out a little sarcastic laugh when they told me that. They offered to explain why it's so low and they brought the "Paint thickness meter" to told me parts of the car has slightly thicker pain than another part like "the paint on the hood was thicker than the door" and they claim it was repainted or in an accident. Funny thing is I'm the original owner and I KNOW I was never been in an accident nor have I painted the car. I know it's all BS trying to RIP me off.

(Yes clean and clear car history report)

What have I learned from this? Well, CM appraisal is a joke so don't take them seriously. Sell it yourself or take it to another dealership to see if you can get a better offer (and you probably will).

When enough people being to realize this CarMax scam, they will eventually lose out on business and their customer base that keeps them in business.

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