Chattanooga, Tennessee

Update by user Mar 12, 2016

Apparently the Carmax app is displaying the payment incorrectly. Everything is as it should be according to the cs rep I spoke with. So it appears they are applying my payments as expected.

Original review posted by user Mar 12, 2016

I just paid $2000 on a car note that bills as $450 per month. As per their terms the last $200 or so should have been taken off of the principal (this month's payment + the next three payments is all they are supposed to apply to interest payments. Any money paid after being 3 payments ahead is supposed to come off of the principal).

However, they took the last $200 and applied it to July's interest payment (It's March right now and my payment due date is today...) I will be contacting them about this issue today. They will rectify this issue or my next $2000 payment will be to my attorney for breach of contract.

Anyway, I now see how shady they are and will not be financing through them again, even if they rectify this issue.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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