Mechanicsville, Maryland

I bought a Chrysler SUV Pacifica March of 07. The vehicle had front aligment problems and brake problems.

Shortly after that the power roof window stop opening. I purchase the expensive warranty but carmax do not honor their warrant. The reason they don't is because they are too busy making lemons, "Good enough to sell cars". The word Car means Transportation, the word Max means limit, use up, these cars are used up; refurbish to sell with no guarantee.

Do not buy a car from carmax straight up! Busted cars!

You can find these lemons on LOL.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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I bought a 2001 pontiac grand prix SE from Carmax in 2005. I had to return the car the same week for repair on the head gasket.

Apparently the "fine toothed comb" and one hundred point inspection did not include checking the coolant bay for whipped oil in the coolant. After that I went about 1 year and a half and the transmission needed a rebuild. I was out of the car for about 3 months while they attempted to repair everything around the tranny. This included re doing the original engine work as they noticed that it needed attention.

My warranty was nearly up by this time and 3 months after all this the engine went up anyway. 4000 bucks. Couldn't pay for the repairs and Carmax washed their hands of the deal. I still have to pay the note and still have to keep it tagged and insured.

This is 1/4 of my monthly income and I have to maintain a 19 year old beater so that I can get to work semi regularly. I am now severly behind in the payments and cannot afford to keep the car but cannot get another loan because of the high interest rate.

Thanks Carmax! You're the best!


I bought a 2007 Mercury gran marquis w/ palm beach package from Jacksonville Fl. carmax.

I could not have asked for a better shopping experience, the car is great, the sales staff were very helpful and it was a great price.

I would recommend them to anyone. I expect to buy a truck from them next week.


I bought a used late model corvette have had it for less than a month and already planning on another week in the service bay. The dealership has been helpfull but I question the quality of the cars.........I won't be back for business.


Worked part timer inventory in N.TX. Fantastic place to work and buy a car.

I am 20 yr military retired. These guys treat everyone great. The cars are picked over with a fine tooth comb. I know this because I did it.

Training is unbelievable. In 8 months I had more specialized training on how to pick out lemons and damage or old repaired damage. Cars don't go to the front lot that are not good.

Now I am former employye because my regular full time job has changed...but I would recommend this as a great place to work or buy a vehicle! At least my location....


Carmax buys wrecks from the auctions that have no carfax info like the accedent or the damage. When the vehicle history report is shown to the potential buyer it clears carmax's liability for selling a wrecked vehicle.

They repair the vehicle they know the quality of repair and they know how dagerous some of these vehicles are. Do Not Purchase A CarMax Vehicle!!!!


A good number of the cars that we puchase (about 90%) are bought at wholesale auctions. i.e.

RENTAL UNITS! Most rental companies get rid of their cars when they get about 20k on them. We also purchase cars that have been repo'd as well.

Cars that we purchase from individuals? About 1 out of 50 will make it to our lot.


Hey "Retailer4life is a dealer" First of all, not too imaginative with a user name are ya? Must be the lack of brain cells, but I digress.....

But if you go to Pissed Consumer Lowes and read my posts, you'd see that I am a Specialist for them, and not a carmax "salesman" like you obvioulsy are.

Next time, son, at LEAST try to come up with a more imaginative user name. ( I know, asking a lot, you're probably thinking about the customers coming onto the lot to fleece tomorrow....)

Terry B

I am an atorney and represent a consumer that bought a car from CarMax. I am looking for potential witnesses in Southern California. Anyone willing to talk


Sorry retailer4life, we know you're a dealer.


Cannot prove it, of course, but I would wager that a large percentage of the cars that end up on carmax lots are vehicles that were not good enough to be resold on a new car dealers lot. I also have a hunch that again, a lot of their vehicles come from out of the state in which that particular carmax is located, again making it more difficult to track the history of a particular car.

Before the sale, they are "touchy-feely" warm, "would you like a cup of coffee, sir?" personalities, but after the sale, if you have a problem, it's suddenly "who are you?" "It's your problem.

now, not ours", stuff like that. I too, have had acquaintances who have had the Carmax "experience".

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