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I bought a 2010 wrx in april last i havent had the car for even a year and only put 6000 miles on it, the first 30 days i had to replace things that i was told was okay and that the car was in great condition because of there "125 point inspection" i found out i needed to replace the whole clutch assembly, the bracket to the clutch pedal, and the bumper which they tried to screw me over with, the bumper was destroyed where the clips went in so the bumper was hanging off the side and they said they would fix it... what they did to "fix it" was they tried to put new clips in the broken holes!!

and not replaced my bumper like it needed, and the new clips fell right off when i touched it and the clips werent even holding the bumper it was still hanging, i was pissed, and when i told the service manager about it he got mad at me? saying "well it better be fixed i paid this amount of money for it" blah blah blah like it was my fault they sold me a broken car, long story short i got my bumper replaced, and now, i took it to get the 90k service done at subaru only to find out it needs a short block which will cost me 6,500!!! i called carmax and the guy said he would call me back.. never did, then i got to the service manager who just told me to get *** i called the general manager then and all of the sudden he said the service manager was "working on a solution" thats crazy because thats not how the conversation ended when i talked to him lol.

after that he said he was trying to work with me and would give me a call back, still hasnt called me back. i feel like ive just been kicked around by them this whole time and the blame somehow keeps getting shifted to me like its my fault there techs didnt make sure the car was inspected correctly and now the car is breaking.

i paid 16k for a car i was lied to about, and a car that they promised was something it wasnt that will blow up any moment and carmax doesnt care. dont buy from carmax, this will happen to you and they will not do anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Vehicle Inspection.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Carmax Pros: Thought it would be easy.

Carmax Cons: Lies lies lies.

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  • Carmax Extended Warranty
  • Not Fixing The Problem
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