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I recently went to CarMax In Tinely Park IL with my Corvette to get an appraisal. The car is an 84 with 56000 miles on it and in Mint condition.

Everything on the car is NEW down the the Trans and Rear end. I did some research on the Kelly Blue book site and on the NADA site. On the low end my car was worth 6700 and High end 11,000. Needless to say CARMAX wasn't even close to the Low end Price..

They Offered me 2000 F'ing thousand and looked at me like I was a Piece of ***!!! It was a total kick in the Nuts!!!! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH CARMAX!!!!!!!!

There a bunch of CROOKS!!!!!!

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If you have a classic car it doesnt matter to carmax, it will go to auction. You are better off trying to find a market for older vettes, such as ebay.

You will get more interest that way.

It was a waste of time getting it appraised, but it got you in the store. Thats what really matters to carmax


Just in case you didn't know... The 84 vette was unanimously the WORST vette Chevrolet ever made one!! you should have taken the deal, just to get rid of it.


I love pizza...yummy


Obviously, "julio" from Houston is an employee of this gestapo organization. Better read up on the "one voice policy" fellow... The SS is watching you...


Who want to buy an 84 'vette you ***? If you'd paid any attention at all, you'd know we don't sell any cars that are more than ten years old. All we can do with your old junker is send it to auction.


You have a 1984 Corvette. What the *** are they going to do with a 84 Corvette?

Do they sell old cars?

I don't think they do. In any case if you want a lot of money for a nice old car you should probably take the time to sell it yourself.


A few years back we sold our Highlander for 24,500 in the newspaper. Carmax had offered 17k for it--and seemed confused when I laughed in his face replying "you'd be lucky to get 18." Ahahahahhhahahaahaa!

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