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We went to CarMax because they had a truck we really wanted and it was a great price. We planned on trading our newer vehicle with less miles.

They appraised our vehicle $6,000 less than what we were quoted at a local, more reputable dealership. Needless to say, we laughed in their face and said we will take our business elsewhere. And we did. We got our vehicle paid off by a different dealership and drove off in our dream truck.

I would highly recommend to stay very far from carmax. They are greedy crooks who only care about making a buck.

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Frankie S

That truck you liked had a "great price" because there were probably issues that needed to be fixed!

Frankie S

carmax is a complete joke, the sad part is they have made millions screwing customers and hopefully those corporate that defend carmax will rot in the underground.

Frankie S

I am happy you were smart enough to leave and buy elsewhere. I think $6000 difference is ridiculous.

Whenever you trade in a newer vehicle that you still owe on you will almost always lose money, unless you put a big down payment when you bought it. Now the other point I want to make is you found a truck you liked for a good price so you went to carmax to test drive it I assume? Then you waited for the appraisal to come back. Can you imagine how the sales consultant felt when he/she found out you were not going to do the deal?

What I am saying is the appraisal killed the deal. The sales consultant wasted all their time trying to sell you that truck. It's not about you, the customer, or the sales consultant wasting their time and doing all the work, its about carmax being greedy and not making this deal work for you. That's the bottom line.

You on the other hand, should be paying off your curent vehicle before you go out and spend a ton more money for something else.

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