Ok I have read a lot of the complaints that are on here about CarMax and well after a month of working there I can truly say that they are a complete rip off! First they offer you a so called fair price on your vehicle. The reality is that they offer you way less than what they sell it for at a ratio on the dollar, basically if they offer you 5 grand they’ll sell it for 8,000. If they buy it for 11,000 they’ll sell it for 16,000, its a huge joke really. The other day an older gentleman came in with a 2007 Silverado with only 27k miles on it and he got an actual good deal getting 17k dollars for it because the car truly was immaculate. Six days later we turned around and sold it for 25,900. Ridiculous margin, this is just icing on the cake though. Then there are the auctions. The day after they bought that Silverado they went to an auction and bought 20 cars, mostly fleet vehicles. With an average price tag of 3-5k, they got a good deal. Once they hit the lot the average price selling was 12-15k! Ridiculous margins...

Now they say they spend 12 hrs with a 125point inspection examining there cars and reconditioning them for sale before they will even put them on the lot, this is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard and is a 100% falsity. In the service area they have rotations, once they have a dozen or so cars in the incoming inventory area they have a cleaning party, literally. To bad this party only lasts a few hours, the cars run through a gas station style car wash and comes out at the end with a line of people waiting for it. Each person in the services area rotates each time they clean to a new item to clean on the car, so one person wipes the windows and another vacuums, and then another picks up trash out of the vehicle. One person wipes off the hoods, one for one side of the car and one for the other side of the car. The reality is that not a single person gives any one vehicle any undivided attention. Notice I did not mention at any point any diagnostic checks or functional maintenance. There is absolutely no reconditioning going on here! The resulting level of cleaning is comparable to my 5year old son detailing the car. When a car comes in, it may be marked for new tires/oil change or to have a huge scratch fixed but otherwise there is no service done at all. As a salesman It is downright embarrassing, you lie to the customer and tell them how well refurbished the car is, and then you open up the door and the seats need shampooing and there are french fries in the center counsel on a 27k dollar vehicle. This happened to me today, and I cant do it anymore. Absolutely ridiculous....

Now something that they don’t want you to know is that 65% yes 65% of vehicles that they sell have issues within 90 days! And when customers bring them in for "extended service plans" the customer always ends up paying for a portion of the work going well beyond there MaxCare deductible. I was working with the Service Manager the other day and was told that the sales people needed to quit selling it, and that the deductibles should be completely removed because they were very misleading. He told me that 80% of his job was to deal with customers that were pissed because they were lied too! Absolutely ridiculous...,.

Its a scary thought to know that they sell 450K+ cars a year nationally and there customers are do discontent with there purchases. I will say though that as the market dictates and as consumers become aware, that the bull will give CarMax the horns. There parent company was a little company that we all know as Circuit City! If you remember there story, they went bankrupt after a huge expansion in 2009 and closed there doors. CarMax has just set out on the same mission, there planning on opening a new location every month for the next few years.. You think they would have learned there lesson the first time, lol.

To sum it all up, CarMax is a joke, stay away, far far away!

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You just were lucky to get a great service consultant. Generally, they are pressed to save money for the company.

The pressure is huge to squeeze every dime. You were just a lucky camper that day.

The more cars you buy; the better the chance that you will eventually get one of their "auction rental cars" that is a lemon. I have seen way too many people get stuck with problem cars.


Well, you my dear, have worked for some really awful companies if you can replace the name CarMax with other places you have worked. I have worked for companies that valued loyalty, high dollar volume performance, tenacity, great customer service, etc.

CarMax values none of those - you can do all of the mentioned with over the top numbers; but do not ever question the decision of a manager or put some *** colleague in their place for insulting you OR YOU ARE FIRED ON THE SPOT without them even giving you the opportunity to defend yourself or explain what really happened. Just a terrible place to work. They fire employees and do not even comply with state labor laws and pay final paychecks when they are obligated to pay. Don't even try to defend this sub-standard organization.

They started out great but will implode one day; just like their previous company, Circuit City. Some people just never learn.


I wish I had read this before I purchased my vehicle. both of my parents and both my sister and I purchased cars from car max, and my dad and I both had to return to the service center just days after purchased, luckily it was within the 5 day period where no charges were incurred, but now I am battling with another problem with my car, and yes I purchased the extended warranty which is a JOKE and not only did I get my car back but exactly a day later the same problem returned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE AND YES I THOUGHT I WAS GETTING A GREAT DEAL.


We bought our car from carmax last September. It was the greatest, hassle-free, easiest experience we have ever had with a car purchase.

We searched for a few months, and picked the perfect one. It was transferred three states away for free. I just purchased the first oil change from a dealer to see if they could find anything Carmax missed. The car passed all inspections with 0 issues.

Since their are so many locations, I'm sure some Carmax locations are not all the same. I just wanted to chime in and say we had a great time, and will more then likely be buying all used vehicles from Carmax.


I went to CarMax yesterday with my son we selected a pickup truck. the truck cost $30,000 we were doing the final paperwork on it when they showed me the carfax at the bottom of the carfax I noticed the truck with from Michigan.

That's sent up at big red flag with me. I know for a fact in Michigan they really use a lot of salt on the roads . Immediately Rust came to my mind so I stopped the transaction and ask to look at the vehicle again. sure enough there was rust all over the vehicle it was 3 years old.

I checked all the other trucks that came in with that Fleet from michigan. they all had the same issues we walked away. luckily.

all those rusty Trucks will be sold to unsuspecting customers. Buyers beware these vehicles come from all parts of the country


Sounds like somebody got fired lol. Come on, because they make money they're a bad business?


Got fired? Not necessarily - some people just tell the truth as they see it.

I still work there and know full well, this person is telling the truth. Don't have to work there long to see the injustices spilled on employees and customers. Both must make sacrifices to increase the profits for the company, CARMAX. They send their buyers to get the best deals at the car auctions - best deals are rental cars that have been driven by 200+ different drivers.

They pump up the price for these "one owner" cars and they grab the big profit and run. Hope, against hope, that the customer does not come back asking for anything.

However, it is a fact that many of these cars are flat out cars that have been abused by renters. You just have to pray that you get a good one; kind of like winning the lottery.


Duh, that's how dealerships make money. This posted is an ***.


Worked for company for a long time,they will cut every corner possible to save a penny....management lies as well as the ceo


I've been a mechanic at Chattanooga carmax for over 2 years and can tell you that youre full of ***. I personally have inspected and repaired thousands of cars before sending them on to the lot.

The process is as follows for every single car. Exterior inspection, interior inspection, mechanical inspection, and test driven by a ase certified master mechanic. after each of these separate zones is completed by seperate people the vehicle is sent to repair zones or parts zone (where vehicle waits to be repaired if parts are ordered) after , and only after all repairs are made, the vehicle is sent to oil change zone, after the oil change the is complete the interior is then cleaned and then shipped to final quality control zone where it will be passed to the front lot or failed and sent back for more repairs.

This is the process for every single car sold. If you're going to rant at least get your facts straight


What a Joke your Information is , I worked for many years as a mechanic and i can tell you this . 12 minute test drive is what is required and paid for by this company .2 of a hour , you call that good customer service. "Master Mechanic" they mostly hire techs with only one A.S.E , Go and check yourself.


Looks like you have been adequately brainwashed by S. Flynn.

Technicians identify "defects" but are told by the "TPM" to "pass it" because they have to keep their "all in cost" down.

I have seen serious safety related issues that were identified during an "CQI" passed because of the cost of fixing the issue.

Some day you will see the light and "spit out the cool aid".


good to know man..I live in Chattanooga and am planning on getting a car transferred here to purchase.


....so... Are they not supposed to make a profit?

I mean they employ a lot of ppl, and ppl get a better price for their car than at a dealership. Guess it's how u look at it


I bought a 2007 4Runner from CarMax in Laurel MD back in October of last year. I took it to a Toyota dealer and asked them to inspect it for any (even minor) problems.

Took it back to Carmax with a list from Toyota and Carmax fixed or replaced everything at no charge. They even gave me a loaner car while they worked on it.

I have no complaints about Carmax. I think I got a very good deal on a great vehicle.


You just validated what the author said - After you took it to toyota it should have came back with zero items to fix if Carmax truly did what they claim they do when it comes to reconditioning the cars

Frankie S

You silly little freak! Your Toyota should have ZERO issues!

I have been saying for years, that carmax does not fix all issues. They claim to do a 125 point inspection BUT not all is fixed.

carmax will have the buyer spend their deductible for repairs. Glad you like to spend unnecessary money.


I purchased a car 18 months ago a 2004 Ford Escape. It is a piece of JUNK.

A month after we bought it it had problems. They keep saying nothing is wrong with it. It has been in the shop 40 times. They said they would help us but they didn't.

They want us to pay 3500 to get another car. It's a LEMON.

We think it is the motherboard which is electrical. Crapoy dealership


ummm...your car is now 16 years old! what do you expect from that old of a car?

that's why you purchase it with some type of warranttee, or you have the car checked over by your own independent mechanic prior to signing on the dotted line.

It really is people like you that car dealers in general make their biggest profit.

From what I see it's not Carmax it's just sales in general that are the rip off. The ONLY issue I see with Carmax is THEY CONTROL the purchase because the buyer can not negotiate on a purchase...whatsoever.


Reading the comments here is very interesting, I've purchased and sold 2 vehicles at Carmax in the past and have not experienced any issues. I've never had to pay out of pocket with the extended warranty.

On the trade ins, I've always received more from Carmax than other dealers were offering. I would suggest that potential buyers do their homework ideally prior to purchasing, but definitely within the 5days after the purchase. I love the 5 day cancellation policy, it's one of the reasons I originally went to Carmax and for someone that does not like to back and forth of the sales game at other car dealers Carmax is ideal. I'm not sure if the issues experienced at in certain geographical markets, but on the east coast from NY down to FL Carmax has been an overrall great way to purchase a car.

Why would anyone car about their profit margin as long as the buyer and sellers of cars feel they receive a fair deal at Carmax and have a good experience. This is business 1st, and as in any business deal the buyer should beware...Do your homework!!!

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