Ok I have read a lot of the complaints that are on here about CarMax and well after a month of working there I can truly say that they are a complete rip off! First they offer you a so called fair price on your vehicle. The reality is that they offer you way less than what they sell it for at a ratio on the dollar, basically if they offer you 5 grand they’ll sell it for 8,000. If they buy it for 11,000 they’ll sell it for 16,000, its a huge joke really. The other day an older gentleman came in with a 2007 Silverado with only 27k miles on it and he got an actual good deal getting 17k dollars for it because the car truly was immaculate. Six days later we turned around and sold it for 25,900. Ridiculous margin, this is just icing on the cake though. Then there are the auctions. The day after they bought that Silverado they went to an auction and bought 20 cars, mostly fleet vehicles. With an average price tag of 3-5k, they got a good deal. Once they hit the lot the average price selling was 12-15k! Ridiculous margins...

Now they say they spend 12 hrs with a 125point inspection examining there cars and reconditioning them for sale before they will even put them on the lot, this is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard and is a 100% falsity. In the service area they have rotations, once they have a dozen or so cars in the incoming inventory area they have a cleaning party, literally. To bad this party only lasts a few hours, the cars run through a gas station style car wash and comes out at the end with a line of people waiting for it. Each person in the services area rotates each time they clean to a new item to clean on the car, so one person wipes the windows and another vacuums, and then another picks up trash out of the vehicle. One person wipes off the hoods, one for one side of the car and one for the other side of the car. The reality is that not a single person gives any one vehicle any undivided attention. Notice I did not mention at any point any diagnostic checks or functional maintenance. There is absolutely no reconditioning going on here! The resulting level of cleaning is comparable to my 5year old son detailing the car. When a car comes in, it may be marked for new tires/oil change or to have a huge scratch fixed but otherwise there is no service done at all. As a salesman It is downright embarrassing, you lie to the customer and tell them how well refurbished the car is, and then you open up the door and the seats need shampooing and there are french fries in the center counsel on a 27k dollar vehicle. This happened to me today, and I cant do it anymore. Absolutely ridiculous....

Now something that they don’t want you to know is that 65% yes 65% of vehicles that they sell have issues within 90 days! And when customers bring them in for "extended service plans" the customer always ends up paying for a portion of the work going well beyond there MaxCare deductible. I was working with the Service Manager the other day and was told that the sales people needed to quit selling it, and that the deductibles should be completely removed because they were very misleading. He told me that 80% of his job was to deal with customers that were pissed because they were lied too! Absolutely ridiculous...,.

Its a scary thought to know that they sell 450K+ cars a year nationally and there customers are do discontent with there purchases. I will say though that as the market dictates and as consumers become aware, that the bull will give CarMax the horns. There parent company was a little company that we all know as Circuit City! If you remember there story, they went bankrupt after a huge expansion in 2009 and closed there doors. CarMax has just set out on the same mission, there planning on opening a new location every month for the next few years.. You think they would have learned there lesson the first time, lol.

To sum it all up, CarMax is a joke, stay away, far far away!

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so where do i go to get a reliable used car?


Thanks for the info, want be going there, figured they were like J.B. By rider, sux there are people taking advantage of good people.


Well. I had a transmission go out it was $2500 I only paid $50.

Plus it covered a rental car.

I've bought 10 cars through Carmax in San Antonio. No problems good service and used their or my own financing.


Sounds like sour grapes to me....I have purchased two cars from Carmax and was treated fairly....

Still have both vehicles and have had no problems...


It's "their", not "there."




I totally agree I took my car to carmax cause i wanted to sell it on the blue book the value of my car was 7000 dollars carmax tried to give me 1,500 for it they totally suck and are major scammers keep out of this place people


Wow thank you. I was wondering why a 2013 Buick Enclave Premium had only 10,000 miles?

Sounds suspect to me. Now going to lease 2016 Highlander .!!!!

Jayne B


Thank you for the detailed feedback and the time to write this review. I was thinking of using Carmax for my next purchase. I have a lot more knowledge to work with and may consider other options.


We went to Carmax the other day to get an appraisal on our 2015 (one year old) Fiat 500 Pop. The care was immaculate with only 9300 California miles on it and it still had the "new car smell".

The sticker price that we negotiated at the Fiat dealer was $18,000 out the door a year ago.

Carmax offered us $9000.

Is this a rip off or what?

Or, does Fiat really lose half its value in one year? Hmmmmmmm...


Fiat really loses half of its value in one year.


It is a fiat, dude!!!


Yup, that's what happens to the value of Fiats. Another merger which may affect Chrysler's chances of long term survival !


Most people, no matter where the purchase, will get the same result when purchasing a used vehicle. Most will give the car a quick look around for the usual scratch and dents, then proceed to open the hood and stair aimlessly at the engine as if they know what the heck "their" looking at.

Then they'll jump in the drivers seat, blast the heater/ac and the radio and scurry along the test drive path for ten or so minutes.

How can you make a truly educated purchase if you only get your info from the salesperson and the window sticker?

Hey it's your money... I guess!


100% correct! Which is why taking it for a mechanics inspection is so important.

Even if you do it after you leave the lot with the car. Carmax knows its cars are no good which is why they don't allow a mechanics inspection prior to purchasing. If they were so confident they would allow you to do that.

I also heard the Salesman goes on the test drive with you. How convenient is that?


I completely agree. I worked for CarMax for two years and this is all true.

I worked in the business office I saw a lot of angry customers. In addition they pay only $10 when you start working and the salary increase is usually $0.15-$0.25 c.

Most people quit after day or two working there. No wonder that they alway hiring

Do not work there


They will continue to stay in business for a very long time unless the government steps in and shuts them down. The reason: People are dumb enough to keep supporting them.

Despite the fact that we have the internet and all you have to do is google Carmax to get all of the bad reviews out there warning people to stay far away from this company.

Despite the fact that you have an employee of Carmax come on here and put his job in jeopardy by telling people not to deal with them because they are shady.

People will not listen, they will still go out and give Carmax their money. Then they will come on here and other websites and *** about how Carsux deceived them.


Is this guy joking? You have to sell a car for more then you purchased it for otherwise you cant make money.

If carmax gives someone $15k for a car and then sells it for $15k...how do they make money??

Once Carmax gets the car they have to pay employees, MANY, to do documentation, inspections, inventory and other things. From the post it sounds like they only make about 25-35% return on a trade in if it sells, I expected them to sell it for more.


I couldn't understand why he was complaining about the "ridiculous margins." The margins paid his salary.


Margin pays your salary?? There is no stinkin' salary for sales consultants.

Referring to the silly post of the person saying the margin pays the sales consultant. He can sell a car for $75,000 & his stinkin' commission is still $160 or $170. In order to earn a stinkin' little living; it is crucial he sell that stinkin' extended care service on the lemon former rental car that has been driven by 200 drivers. CarMax will eventually implode because they have lost their way.

They opened CarMax with an excellent sales model; however, customer satisfaction is by far NOT a priority any longer. And they never cared about their sales people, peons in the business office or the poor suckers that slave away cleaning up the cars & there is a reason the mechanics do not have their hearts in fixing the jacked up cars on the lot. Sales people are still paid the same *** unit commission that they were paid when the company opened; never even a dollar increase in the commission in decades being in business (there is a sucker born every minute to take those *** jobs selling super defective cars). Business office staff are paid $10/hour; the slaves that clean up the cars presented in the "sold" car aisle are paid $11/hour; mechanics are paid by the number of cars they can process through in a day (so why spend much time to figure out the problem and actually fix them - they are not paid by the hour; but by the number of cars they "fix." The idiots that appraise cars are paid by giving bone low appraisal prices & expect the sales consultant to exclaim exuberantly "Wow, I have a great offer for you!!!

You will love it !!!" Then convince the customer to sell the car to CarMax. These appraisers think the world is full of idiots, just like them.

The only winners at CarMax are the shareholders. Their dishonest selling practices and terrible treatment of their employees will one day come back and *** them in the ***.

Never think for one minute that you are getting the best car from a company that cares about customer service. They only want to make a quick buck and turn on the customer like a snake if there is a problem. As for their employees, from the Location General Managers, to sales managers, to sales consultants, to idiots in the business office, to the inventory people, mechanics -- they all have a screw loose to work at this place very long. ALL of them must be capable of being brainwashed into believing they have value.

They are all disposable in the blink of an eye. Unless you are over 65 years old and cannot get a job anywhere else; you get it -- this is a last resort. Just know you will be tongue whipped every single day; even if you are docile and fall into line. Somehow the brainwashed management still MUST find fault in your daily work.

This place erases self-thinking and self-esteem; plus will work you to death if you are on commission pay. There is NO SUCH thing as work/home life balance. CarMax employment is all as big a lie as their "quality cars and great customer service." The turnover rate of workers is super duper high. Do not work here unless you are super desperate.

Do not buy a car at CarMax unless you are super *** and uninformed. They have an inside joke to employees "if you do not follow CarMax work ethics; you will become a customer." As if .....

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