Ok I have read a lot of the complaints that are on here about CarMax and well after a month of working there I can truly say that they are a complete rip off! First they offer you a so called fair price on your vehicle. The reality is that they offer you way less than what they sell it for at a ratio on the dollar, basically if they offer you 5 grand they’ll sell it for 8,000. If they buy it for 11,000 they’ll sell it for 16,000, its a huge joke really. The other day an older gentleman came in with a 2007 Silverado with only 27k miles on it and he got an actual good deal getting 17k dollars for it because the car truly was immaculate. Six days later we turned around and sold it for 25,900. Ridiculous margin, this is just icing on the cake though. Then there are the auctions. The day after they bought that Silverado they went to an auction and bought 20 cars, mostly fleet vehicles. With an average price tag of 3-5k, they got a good deal. Once they hit the lot the average price selling was 12-15k! Ridiculous margins...

Now they say they spend 12 hrs with a 125point inspection examining there cars and reconditioning them for sale before they will even put them on the lot, this is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard and is a 100% falsity. In the service area they have rotations, once they have a dozen or so cars in the incoming inventory area they have a cleaning party, literally. To bad this party only lasts a few hours, the cars run through a gas station style car wash and comes out at the end with a line of people waiting for it. Each person in the services area rotates each time they clean to a new item to clean on the car, so one person wipes the windows and another vacuums, and then another picks up trash out of the vehicle. One person wipes off the hoods, one for one side of the car and one for the other side of the car. The reality is that not a single person gives any one vehicle any undivided attention. Notice I did not mention at any point any diagnostic checks or functional maintenance. There is absolutely no reconditioning going on here! The resulting level of cleaning is comparable to my 5year old son detailing the car. When a car comes in, it may be marked for new tires/oil change or to have a huge scratch fixed but otherwise there is no service done at all. As a salesman It is downright embarrassing, you lie to the customer and tell them how well refurbished the car is, and then you open up the door and the seats need shampooing and there are french fries in the center counsel on a 27k dollar vehicle. This happened to me today, and I cant do it anymore. Absolutely ridiculous....

Now something that they don’t want you to know is that 65% yes 65% of vehicles that they sell have issues within 90 days! And when customers bring them in for "extended service plans" the customer always ends up paying for a portion of the work going well beyond there MaxCare deductible. I was working with the Service Manager the other day and was told that the sales people needed to quit selling it, and that the deductibles should be completely removed because they were very misleading. He told me that 80% of his job was to deal with customers that were pissed because they were lied too! Absolutely ridiculous...,.

Its a scary thought to know that they sell 450K+ cars a year nationally and there customers are do discontent with there purchases. I will say though that as the market dictates and as consumers become aware, that the bull will give CarMax the horns. There parent company was a little company that we all know as Circuit City! If you remember there story, they went bankrupt after a huge expansion in 2009 and closed there doors. CarMax has just set out on the same mission, there planning on opening a new location every month for the next few years.. You think they would have learned there lesson the first time, lol.

To sum it all up, CarMax is a joke, stay away, far far away!

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Yep today the offered me 4k less than retail.


I worked for Carmax for over 11 years as a Technician. I can also tell you that Carmax is a total joke.

They are the most dishonest people I ever worked for. After you have been there over 10 years, they look for a reason to fire you...... they fired me just before I turned 60 and I saw them fire many, many other older techs with over 10 years. They set you up thru the years and then they can can get rid of you for anything.

Carmax is a horrible place to work and an even worse place to buy a car. They don't do anything to the cars unless they have to and then they put cheap parts on them. Their techs are not qualified to do a lot of the repairs either - the techs have no training. They put garbage 30 dollar tires on the cars.

Don't trust them!! Go to a real dealership - New Car! I never bought a car from them in the whole 11 years I worked there - their prices are ridiculous!!!

If you buy a car from them, you will pay a new car price for a used car. Carmax is a miserable place to work!!!


This guy is a moron. I’ve also worked for Carmax and for the most part everyone tries to give you the best quality car for the best price we can.

Company still has to make a profit though so yes they have to have a “margin”. I’ve seen the margin be $5k and I’ve seen the margin be $500. Depends on the type of car and how long Carmax expects to keep it in inventory. As far as 12!hours of reconditioning, it’s 12 mechanic labor hours.

If anyone knows what this means, it means that for an average mechanic it should average 12 hours. For experienced mechanics it can be done much faster but it does go through an inspection and the mechanic who does the inspection is held accountable if the vehicle comes back for repair so they try their hardest to make sure it’s a good vehicle. But at the end of the day, it’s a used car people. You can’t foresee all issues and *** does happen.

Good luck returning a car or getting it fixed at a traditional place if you aren’t happy with it.

At least at Carmax you have options. People like this retard *** me off because they *** on a good company who’s trying to make car buying easy in a world where MOST dealers are liars and cheats.

to Anonymous #1562597

You do realize you just defended a $5,000 markup. And you also spread lies about mechanics hours. It's almost like you're trying to convince people to go get themselves ripped off by CarMax.


Can't please everyone. They must be doing something right they sell a lot of cars.

I have bought 3 card from them not a single problem with e any of them will continue to buy from them. No one's perfect.


I almost purchased a car at CarMax. My sister did and it is falling apart in less than a year...a Mercedes Benz no less.


So true about car max doing 125 inspections on vehicles,it is a joke.I bought a Lancer in 2017 from them for my son and the a/c was not working and it has been back 5 times and they can't get it right a year later.So they me I have to pay my deductible after they never fixed the issue. To end my story,they don't do a 125 point inspection,it is a joke

to G.perez #1603727

They do not do a 125 point inspection I worked there much of the work is subbed out


I worked there for almost a year. In my opinion from my research on sites like cargurus, carmax is always one of the most expensive.


This guy is a fool who knows nothing about running a business. Of COURSE they are going to sell your car for several thousand more than they bought it for.

He calls this "margin".

He is ignoring the MULTIMILLION dollar dealership building and facility, and the rent or payment on a several acre lot which is HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars a year, and the paying of salaries for employees, insurance, etc.

After ALL of this, are they NOT entitled to a profit? Good grief.

Just another disgruntled employee.


They are not the same as they were 5 yrs ago. They wont give me anything for my trade in and want to charge me over 27%interest.

No way! Then I tried to put a car in repair shop. They now charge you for the diagnostic for every thing that is wrong with the car.

Most places will only charge for the diagnostic if they done fix the car but CarMax is not charging you for the diagnostic and the cost to fix the car. I also believe that their cars are so expensive

to Lisa #1517412

They don’t try to charge you 27%... the bank that approved you is charging that.

Carmax doesn’t make any money on that. Fix your credit if you want a lower rate

to Anonymous #1544449

They do make money off of those *** loans!! You can bet the banks pay Carmax to use their bank.

It is a dirty business and I am sure Carmax gets compensated in money and favors, etc. No matter what Carmax claims, they are no better than any other crooked used car dealer out there, and I know that for a fact!!


Carmax prices are significantly higher than fair market selling price.


In my experience (I've purchased 5 vehicles from CarMax since the 1990s) you can't go wrong with CarMax if the vehicle has under 25K on it. All 5 vehicles have been very reliable and I never had an issue with one of them until several years later.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1355144

I believe it. Carmax offered me 6700 for my Honda CRV and I turned and sold it privately for 12000. Suck a *** Carmax

to DEE #1554811

Of Course. Private sale to a new owner vs selling to a dealer who has to turn around and resell it will always be dramatically different. How do you think business works?


Everybody else commenting must be higher ups for the Carmax corporation you all suck *** at life shut the *** up all mad about someone exposing y'all lmao


Your spelling is horrible.

You wrote "there" when you meant the possessive "their".

You wrote "there" again when you needed the contraction "they're" (they are) .

Nowhere did you indicate that people are forced to buy anything at any price.

That said, it sounds like the place sucks.

to Smitty #1603729

That is 100 percent true I use to work for them they are gutless will let you go in a heat bestselling grammar doesnt make you smart so shuff it up your ......

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