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My husband has been with CarMax for 10 years. He was recruited from another dealership, in another words CarMax WANTED him, pursued him for a year, as a matter of fact, sought him out and hired him.

My story starts in 1999 when CarMax told him that he had to fly to Florida for 3 months of training, 3 months turned into 12 whole months. Myself and our 2 young children were left at home alone for an entire year based on promises of a wonderful future with CarMax. Finally, after a year of waiting, they relocated us to the other side of the country, leaving our friends and family behind. A big price to pay, but well worth it for a future with this brand new, great company, that seemed to be on the rise. We had to relocate, at CarMax's request, 2 more times before we finally settled down in one place. We have been in our current location for 7 years now. Our children attend High school now and are finally happy because they have friends and a stable home. The constant moving and leaving their family and friends behind was very difficult for them.

Our trouble first started early 2009. My husband had a problem employee that learned that all he had to do is call the "Cool" line and he could get his managers in trouble whether they deserved it or not. Another words, great tool for associates if used properly. Great tool for unscrupulous associates that want to get their managers in trouble, because they CAN. It seems as though CarMax's approach is Guilty until proven innocent. This associated caused a lot of trouble. Long story short my husband's name was now on the radar. Because his name was now on the radar, He was given a Corrective action, for *** that was later proven to be false by their own HR investigation team and one other issue that was thin at best. Was he given an apology?...NO. Was the corrective removed?...NO. He was told NOT to worry that CarMax had confidence in him and was certain that he could overcome these "issues". For the next several months he received nothing but positive feedback from his immediate boss (GM) and his regional team. Several weeks ago one of his coworkers asked for his help on resolving an issue, my husband misunderstood exactly what this coworker wanted initially, but took immediate action to resolve the issue. Through communication with this coworker, he was able to ascertain exactly what he wanted and moved swiftly to resolve the issue. In the meantime his GM caught wind of this "misunderstanding" and twisted it into an entirely different story. He relayed this "story" he had created to the regional team who now stated that my husband is an ineffective manager and is not on the same page as CarMax. Long story short they fired him. They gave no reason as to exactly why (because there isn't one) There was no severance package, no letter of separation, no NOTHING, just three form letters saying goodbye. TEN YEARS of dedication, TEN YEARS of 60-70 hr work weeks and they threw him out on his ear. My husband, my children and I are now in danger of losing everything for NOTHING!! He is in danger of losing everything he has worked for and has NO IDEA why. Countless coworkers have called him in support, they too can not understand why CarMax has done this to him. If he was truly not an effective manager, why are all these people calling???

This is how this Fortune 500 company truly treats there employees. Top 100 places to work??? Not if you're a manager, especially an OPS manager, Long hours, an insurmountable workload and NO RESPECT. No wonder our Country is in such trouble and unemployment is on the rise. Company's like CarMax use hard working people like my husband to rise to the top and then drop them like a hot potato, why? Because they can. No respect! Thank you CarMax for uprooting my family and devastating my husband, my children and myself. My husband feels like he has let his family down, when in true it is YOU that has let us down and from the sounds of it, many other hard working people.

Hopefully he can find work soon...or we will be out on the street.

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Carmax does this to so many people unfairly and I am in your situation now. I hope things have gotten better for you


My husband was fired from a big box retailer after 10 years by a new micromanaging rogue DM who had never been a SM and let go 1/2 of the 13 SM's in her market. My husband wouldn't micromanage as she wanted and stood his ground; he had never been documented for anything.

ever; I've seen the documentation. Have you seen your husband's documentation? Companies that have severance benefit for managers pay it only if the manager qualifies (i.e., has not violated policy).

The separation/termination paperwork will indicate what the firing was for which will in turn determine why your husband would not be eligible for severance. It's very expensive to replace a manager.


you suck--CarMax


Thats what carmax is all about, NUMBERS. carmax is NOT about the customer, or it's employees (this is a top 100 company?) Its about making numbers and budgets and screw the customer.

Like I said in my many posts, the 125 point inspection is all bull! ALL VEHICLES SHOULD READY FOR SALE AND HAVE ZERO ISSUES! If you see the reply by john, you can see the attitude that represents carmax. This is proof of what carmax hires.

john is in total denial with what is happening. I personally would never want to deal with john if I were buying a car!


I worked for Carmax in Tinley Park and put in over a year on a half. I had very good numbers was asked to have an interview for a sales mgr position.

I was also traveling and helped with training and sals with the opening of new stores. I was a very good and loyal employee. I was asked to do an interview for sales mgr. this where things changed as I met two jerks that just area chip on thre shoulder.

They said idid not meet the Carmax standards. So I could average 15 Carisa month and anew times over 20. Well, the hand writing was o the wall you can work hard and meet the wrong two sales mangers and your just going to walk the lot 12 hours a day. Carmax haas high turn over of sales associates .

They have a habit of making the wrong people sales mgrs that do not have any people skills. The reason I departed was I sold an older couple a car with no brake lights. It was a Saturday so I asked the Sales Mgr if I could hold the car until Monday and have the brake lights fixed and make the sale Monday. The Sales Mgr said no the store needed car out the door Sat for numbers.

I would not sell the old couple the car to take home with no brake lights. That told me it was time to depart carmax.


Ohhh Boo Hoo!!

Quit blaming others for your own problems.

If you are such a great employee go get another job. Don't tell me there aren't any jobs out there. There are plenty of jobs for good workers (not trouble makers or lazy workers).

:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


Carmax needs help. I can write a book.

example- The Plano TX store has an LGM that works part time hours! Very obvious that he uses steriods, very moody and causes him to make *** decisions. His biker buddy Sales Manager has at least 3 Sexual Harassment charges complained against his, and his DA is still there. Several employee's have been fired recently, for insane reasons.

Im sure there will be lawsuits to follow. Many employee's have went to work for real dealerships. There is a racial discrimination law suit recently filed.

The Plano store is a 3 ring circus ran by a roid rage Clown. I suspect that this Clown cant fake it much longer and he will get the bounce that he So deserves and the Plano Store will prosper once again.


Sue them


Well carmax did not devistate my family. But i put in 4 years for them as a retail technician and was run off by Brian Holt at the Austin North store.

No one person that i know enjoys working for that man.

Brian holt should not be a manager anywhere.....he almost burned down the common area while cooking a turkey in the shop. He wrecked two cars and covered it up.


You don't know the whole story, not at all. Let me just say that sexual harrassment is not tolerated at Carmax


I am truly sorry about what happened to your Husband. We know exactly what it feels like. It took alot of courage for you to submit your posting and expose what Carmax does. We are investigating all accounts of Fraud within Carmax. Your husband sounded like a dedicated employee. Unfortunatley that does not matter. We know how hard it is and we wish you the best. If your husband has any information about fraudelant activitites within Carmx please contact us at

You are not alone in this. It will take some time but togehter we will get


Seeker of Justice


I am so glad I read these letters. I have been shopping on car max for a used car but now I will not ever look at this company for anything.

They can count this as another customer lost and I will let everyone I know how unfair this company is.

Thank you for your post.


Written by Carmax Cross Functional Progra, on 08-10-2009 16:47

I also was lied to about the Cross Functional Management Program. How can you be a Foutune 500 Company and lie to people about giving them a raise to go into the cross functional management program. It's a disgrace and an embarrassement. Someone needs to be fired over this. I know those 4 original managers as well and they were all dedicated to the company and their jobs. They were lied to just like I was lied to. I guess what goes around comes around - eventually. If your taking a crossfunctional position or being considered for a manager position you better get everything in writing.


4. Written by Get Real with Carmax, on 08-10-2009 13:23

If any company needs a UNION it's Carmax. Once a GREAT company when Austin Ligon was the CEO. Back then it was "what you knew that would get you the promotion you deserved. Now it's who you know not what you know. They are a now a wolf in sheeps clothing. I remember those Cross Funcional Managers: Troy, Jim, Travis and Donnell. All were great managers and were lied to about their pay and incentives. Now they are gone. What a loss to the company. Tom Folliard has no conscious or he would fire Dan Johnston and Linda White for lying to those guys. Employees should ban together and get Unionized or shut this place down. Pay back is *** ya know.


I am so glad I made the choice to not go back. Thanks to you people writing "insiders" info; made me look into my personal experience closer. Made me realize, I was a known "number" that was hated by jealous employees and took me to the bank. Being young, I was taken advantage of. I thought I found someone to trust; to run my credit application. Turns out, she used me like toilet paper just like the rest of them.

For now on, I am boycotting Carmax due to how poorly they treat their loyal customers & employees. I hope the woman who I personally was dealing with has some type serious bad luck coming; like losing her position.

I think we should start a nationwide rally with Goo-Gone & screw-drivers and *** as much as "Carmax" dealer decals & license plate frames we can *** from cars on the streets. No more free advertising...


This is a story as old as time. When you rely on others for your income, this is what happens.

Start your own business and then go back in and pay cash for the most expensive car at CarMax...they have to count it out with the Manager there.

Make sure it is the guy or gal that fired you that has to stand there while they count it. :)

God Bless you and your family,



Right on man and super big *** YA! But I would suggest you pay them with nothing but pennies if possible. Rick PS: Bakersfield, California, "CarMax" REALLY, REALLY SUCKS.


This company is horrible. They convinced me to leave a 12 yr career to come work for them.

I didn't even last a year. The GM found out my kid was biracial and put me on the radar. Next thing I was gone, no severance either. HR investigated and so they fired the HR person too.

They have a bad rep for employee abuse. Good luck to you and your family.


Wow, you're a huge whiner and you need to move on. If stability was so important and your husband was so awesome and skilled, why would you follow some crack-pot company around all over the country and let them kidnap him for a year in the first place?

Then his GM likes him, but he rats him out and makes up lies? Yeah, right.

And almost every company has a number for associates to call. It's cheaper for the corporation to act on the employees' word instead of potentially facing an embarrassing and expensive lawsuit.

If you're in a right-to-work state, they don't need to give you a reason to fire you. You're just gone. Shame on you for living in such a state if you're not okay with that. And why in the world would they give him a severance if he was fired for not doing his job right? DUH. You get a severance if you're laid off (fired at no fault to you) or something. Have you ever held a job before? This is basic stuff.

Lastly, what did you expect? They're a corporation. Wake up. They only care about money, money and their image so they can make more - you guessed it - money.

And the phrase is 'In other words', not 'another words' -- that doesn't even make sense.

But, seriously, you might want to consider getting some counseling or something so you can, you know, build a bridge and get over it. It's just the way the cookie crumbles.


There are so many stories that are so similar.That is why I authored my book,that covers unethical behavior in the work place. We need to get the America people to start having dialog in regard to the this type of tragedy that is played out, over and over. We need to get the message out that we have had enough and that we will fight this together.

Note the case histories that I have in my book.

There are too many cases of mistreatment and I hear of them daily. Retail is no stranger to these actions. We must work together if we hope to make changes. I have been on drive time radio stations and have stated that we need to bring this to light. The wrong doing in the work place as well as the other unethical situations that have been publicized. You may contact me at

Let's fight this together!


I read your story as feel terrible for what you all are going through. Being loyal to a company 30+ years ago was appreciated.

Now, HA! They expect you to cut yourself and bleed for them and then they can and have dropped employees as if they are nothing the next day. One make sacrifices, moves, works long hours, is away from the family, big business does not care about you, I or anyone else except their profits. Our government made it this was because big business strokes their, well, you know.

This is business American style. Employers owe nothing to their employees. They give them a wage, some benefits and when they feel they have utilized all there is, a pink slip is the next thing one receives. It is all about the bottom line.

If an employee is seen as causing conflict, they usually will ax them as well.

Maybe you can find an attorney that would be able to examine the facts and investigate to see if there is a wrongful termination, pro bono of course.