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I usually do not post reviews but I felt like I had to do one on CarMax. I started car searching about 6 months ago.

I knew exactly what I was looking for. I could not find my perfect vehicle anywhere. After a few months of looking, I found myself on the CarMax site. I will say, they have some great vehicles and I think they are priced accordingly.

I found a vehicle that I felt would be great for me. It was across the country so there was a transfer fee. I spoke to my husband about it and he decided we should have the vehicle shipped. The closest CarMax to my home is 2 hours away but that beats 18 hours away.

The vehicle arrived and I was excited to go down for a test drive. My salesman was great. He fully disclosed me about transfer fee being non refundable and we were okay with that. After the test drive, my husband and I decided to purchase.

He mentioned to me that the tires looked really dirty. He told me that he hoped they were not bad tired and once they cleaned them up, we could see if there was any damage. Sure enough.... we had the sales manager to tell us that there was a tire that had extensive damage and that they would have to replace it.

We were told that we would be getting a full set of tires and they would put me in a loaner. I was upset. I took off from work to drive 2 hours and I could not leave with my car. But I felt slightly better to know I would be getting a full set of tires.

This all happened on a Friday. The next Tuesday I received a call letting me know my vehicle was ready. Same thing again, I took off work the next day, we drove 2 hours to pick up my car. I was so excited to have this all done.

I get into my new car and we pull off to get lunch. My husband decided to take a look at the tires before we went in. Wow!!! They had not replaced the tires!!!!

They replaced ONE tire. He looked at the front tires and noticed the passenger tire was showing metal. OMG!! Was was pissed.

We cut lunch short and drove back to CarMax. A manager came out and argued that they changed the two front tires.... until he pointed out the metal showing on the tire. Then he decided to say they must have missed that.

He asked the question "what type of business are you guys running down here"? He made the comment that no business will replace one tire and leave the other tire to blow out on the road. The back tires were good and we did not have an issue with them. We were told we would get a full set of new tires and if they would have just fixed the problem, I would not be writing this review.

Finally the manager let us know that they two front tires were not changed and that they would have to order another tire and that it would be replaced. So here we go again. Another day off of work and another 2 hour drive. Well, I received a text message letting me know my tire arrived and to call and schedule an appointment to have it put on the car.

So I did just that. The person who answered the phone told me there was no tire there for me. I asked to speak to someone else because I know I received a message saying it was there. The same young man came back to the phone and told me that he had indeed located my tire.

All this happened on Tuesday. Not even a week into me having the car. I asked him it I could come down Wednesday, the next day. He told me that I could only come in Monday if the next week.

I explained to him that I work and I have a 2 hour drive to get there. I have to make sure things fit with my work and personal schedule (I'm a mommy). I do not know much about cars but my husband do. One thing I do know is that it should not take long at all to replace a tire.

To schedule me a week out from the date they tire arrives is ridiculous. I refuse to drive the car 2 hours on the interstate with a wobbling tire alone. My husband has to come with me. My car has been parked since I picked it up because I'm afraid the tire will blow.

Service at CarMax is horrible. They will get you in to sign paperwork then nothing. The customer service goes out the window.

NEVER will I ever purchase from CarMax again. NEVER will I ever recommend CarMax to anyone in need of a vehicle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Carmax Pros: Selection of cars, Variety of cars.

Carmax Cons: Service dept resa, Defective vehicle, Inspection standards.

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