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I began a week ago, calling Rex at this location discussing car financing, letting him know that if there was no ability for me to get financing, that he should let me know that over the phone. When I got there (it was a week later because I work 10 hour days and couldn't make it there any sooner.) although I did not expect to meet Rex, he told me I would be meeting with a woman named Donna, he didn't work on Sunday's.

Well, Donna was on vacation, so I had to meet with anyone who was available, who happened to be a dealer named Kevin. Kevin was just finishing a previous applicant, so the manager came over, and I asked him about the car that Rex had brought up from another location for me. He stated he would go see the price, and began to walk towards the lot. Another family was standing near a car in the showroom, and he stopped to speak to them, asking had they been helped, and although they stated they had, he remained speaking to them, leaving me standing waiting so I walked back over to the friend who had come out with me.

It took another sales person who noticed our frustration to walk over and offer to assist the family for him to even remember I existed, and continue with me following to go see the car. I did not like the car, it was smaller than I had originally expected and not even what I discussed with Rex over the phone not once but multiple times. When the dealer finally was done, he came out for the test drive. The first car, we took to the highway, and when we got it past 50 it began to have trouble.

So, we went back to the lot and pulled another one (the one I originally wanted in the first place.) and it rode better, so we began the paperwork. After finishing everything even down to buying insurance for the vehicle (this would have been my first financed car I have never done so before.) He stated he would just have to have his manager sign off. (yep, you got it the man who started my horrible experience.) The manager sits me down and tells me he has to change some details because what I was originally quoted was wrong, and after he did this, the financing for the car dropped off and I was no longer approved. He stated he would see if he could work something out, while the financing was getting checked on, and again he walked onto the floor and began helping another person.

(Kevin believed he was doing his best to call something in and see what he could do, which he was definitely not.) He sat back down, told me he didn't think anything he could do (not even recommending I may put down more of a down payment as some had even suggested.) He just simply seemed not to find me qualifying of him taking the time to sell me a car. This took my whole day off, a total of over 5 hours.

This experience was ignorant, hurtful, and fully unnecessary.

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Frankie S
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Fix your process and you wont have so many complaints. Fix your vehicles before you sell them. carmax is one of the worst companies I have ever worked for, and had to deal with as a customer.

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