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This is my review from Carmax service on 11/3/16 in North Austin, Texas:

I have been a fairly loyal client (sold three cars and bought 2 cars from this location) and purchased an extended warranty on a Lexus I bought about 8 months ago.

My car experienced a faulty TPMS sensor which was covered under the extended warranty I paid $1800 for. They fixed it and told me to come pick it up. I got a ride across town and when I picked up my car I found the same wheel they worked on now had a flat tire. They paired me with Kevin Marshall, the Assistant Business Office Manager, who didn't even try to hide that he was not interested in listening. While I explained what happened he walked out the door and made it very obvious he was not listening to me and looked at the wrong car. I went outside and brought him to the right car. I told him that this was shoddy work and that I was unhappy. He made a snide remark about how this wasn't his issue and he was just trying to help out. After making it very obvious he was annoyed I told him to give me my keys and I would find someone else to help me.

As I walked away he muttered to me that I should have more respect. That made me upset because had they actually done a repair right then I would not be having to deal with their error.

I turned around and he got in my face and told me I have to respect him. We got into a shouting match about 1" away from each other at the Service Drive. I told him I was going to go inside and get someone else to help me and he got more upset and walked inside, flung the door open, and walked away.

Needless to say Kevin Marshall is a *** and I will never do business with them again. Horrible work and bad attitude when you call them on it.

Update: I met with the General Manager, Darren, who said that Kevin Marshall met with him the next morning to explain his actions (that he was in the wrong). However I have to wonder if his motivation was because he knew I had initiated a formal complaint and he is now worried about losing his job, or if he is really sorry. Kind of like when you catch a thief - are they sorry they stole or are they sorry they got caught?

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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