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I brought my car in for an appraisal. It is an old car, 1998 Volvo V70 (128 k miles, some body damage), and when I showed up the check engine light was off. I made an appointment, and when I showed up the guy said that I had to wait for the walk-in line. I waited for 2 hours and when they came back they offered me $100 for the car, and when I got to the car it instantly felt weird like it was driven hard and fast, and the check engine light...
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I bought a car, 2011 BMW from Carmax Clearwater, Florida Friday March 25, 2016, felt a vibration in the car on Saturday March 26, 2016; dropped the car off at my private mechanic on Sunday March 27, 2017 (Easter) and returned the car to Carmax on Monday March 28, 2016 with my Mechanic's diagnosis of "vibration in the drive line" and recommendation " return car to dealer to complete needed fix". during the week of Monday March 28, 2016-Monday...
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