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Purchased a BMW from Carmax 4 months ago and half of that time was spent in the shop. 3 times for oil leaks and twice for cd player and twice for dvd player in vehicle and guess what the car is now leaking oil again and also just tried using the dvd player again today and didn't work.

So, here is my story and i plan to write a blog and website about the whole incident because i like everyone else on this site are tired of companies like carmax for getting away with treating the customers like trash once they have sold them a car. So, i have already indicated how many times i have taken my car in for service in 4 months and the last time for the oil leak i spoke with the service manager, the operations manager, corporate ensuring me that the car would be fixed correctly THIS TIME. So, me being me said ok and took it in and they had my car for a week again. When i got it back two days later i move my car and under it again a puddle of oil.

So, again i call the service manager, the invisible General Manager who is always out of office and the corporate office only to be told to bring it back again by the operations manager. Let me just say this and you all can do what you want. This operations manager called me and he could care less what my problem was or what i have experienced it is all about getting your money and selling you the car with them. Don't bother to call the corporate (EXECUTIVE) customer service number because it's no more than a rep with "ZERO" power and again you are at the mercy of the dealership you bought the car from.

If you don't think it will happen to you go ahead and buy from them and find out. It's unfortunate that companies this large don't care more about their customers once they sell you a car because that is truly when customer service happens.

LOOK FOR MY WEBSITE COMING SOON CALLED CARMAX UNVEILED! They blew off the wrong tech person :)

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Thank you. I was going to buy a 535i today. After reading the reviews on Yelp & customers that idea is OUT!

Frankie S

I can understand why the VOC (voice of the customer) is way, way down im many of the stores. It's simple, customers are just not happy.

This reflects what I have been talking about on these posts! According to Truth Be Told, he says maybe 10 people in thousands are not satisfied.

That my friend is not the truth, A NEGATIVE 10 for a VOC is horrible. This reflects the truth.

Frankie S

People are already doing something about carmax SylviaE ! I will certainly be a part of warning people about carmax.

Thats the reason sites like this exist. I have been sharing my stories that are all true, and enjoy reading complaints about carmax. It makes me feel good that there are many others that feel the same way.

Its almost like advertising a bad carmax, instead of a good carmax. The truth will eventually come out, it always does.


I'll bet my big brown meaty moose-knuckle you won't do a thing. CarMax rules!

Frankie S

Go on complaints boards and read all the negative posts about carmax.


Moose knuckle. It's what's for dinner!

Frankie S

general78, I would like to see your website when its ready. I am starting to get warmed up myself!

Frankie S

Can I ask you how old you are Truth? Have you been around dealerships most of your pathetic life, or part of your pathetic life?

I ask because I sense this person with extreme frustration that has the qualities of a used car guy that doesn't care about the customer.

carmax is really big about pleasing the customers as I am sure you are aware of, and reading these posts nothing can be further from the truth. (no pun intended)

Frankie S

That is totally ridiculous! carmax takes the money for their maxcare (extended service plan) and offers a deductable to have THEM FIX IT so they can *** even more!

So your saying dont take your vehicle to carmax to get it fixed? That just proves that carmax is not qualified to fix any cars!

If you dont see something wrong with this picture, you are seriously demented, or carmax corporate! What a joke....


The thing is if you take your car to a carmax who has no speciality person for the make of car you have, your *** too. You got the car cheap and you need to take it to a bmw, ford or whatever brand it is.

Don't hate Carmax hate yourself for not being smart enough to handle your Biz.

If you have a serious problem with your car quit crying and get the *** thing fixed. If you can't afford it it's because you complain instead of work.

Frankie S

I never recommend buying a BMW, they are WAY OVERRATED, especially used!

Frankie S

This is a perfect example of what I have been posting. carmax does minimum repairs to vehicles before they are sold, and WANTS THE CUSTOMER TO BRING IT BACK FOR THE REPAIRS!

Their 125 point inspection does not mean anything. Once they sell you a vehicle, you become a victim, not a satisfied customer. I cant wait to see the day this company folds.

Please get these posts to twitter and facebook so this wont happen to anyone else. Buying a vehicle should be a positive experience in one's life, but at carmax, it's a negative experience!

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