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Don't sell your vehicle to Carmax, they don't disclose their buying rules, until you sign over your

pink slip to them. I recently sold my vehicle to them and much to my surprise, they made me wait over three weeks to be paid for my vehicle that they had possession of.

Imagine a company as large as that holding on to funds and giving you a check that is no good for three weeks. They have your vehicle.Under no circumstances should you have to wait that long, to receive your money. When they make you sign a statement that the check must go into your account and when you deposit it they have a special routing number that instructs your bank to only make a portion of the funds available, then three weeks later, the rest of the funds available.

I didn't know that you sell your car and then must wait for your money in dribbles.....How professional is that.......

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What a bunch of self righteous crybabies! Most people think their cars are worth full retail price.

If that's what you expect, sell it yourself!

You can't expect a reseller to pay you more than a car is worth they are in business to make money. :cry


:zzz 8) :eek :upset :roll :) :grin ;)

Lol fun reading. Looking into Carmax need to sell quick so may go check them out.


What a SCAM. I was offerd $9,000.00 on my truck when online listings show \"Poor Condition Value\" at $11,000.00 and Excellent at $16,500.00. Truck is way way above excellent condition, low miles, very clean, well maintianed.


I used to work @ Carmax, now I work for a traditional new car dealer. One thing I can say to all consumers, is that Carmax is truely \"the way car buying should be.\" Today\'s consumers have no idea how Carmax have changed the industries standard.

One price, Carfax, written appraisals, & quality used cars. These were all secrets to most car dealers. I can\'t began to say what I witness since I left Carmax, it discuse me. Think about it, if 3 people walk in to a traditional car dealership and ask for a price on the same vehicle, they would get 3 different prices, depending on race, age, or sex.

Everything is handled in that fashion from sales, managment, finance, and service.

Too bad they don\'t hire from traditional dealers. Equal business is fair for everyone.


Life is full of choices. Always remember Carmax didn't drag u into their store and they didn't make the car.

30k plus cars sold every year and only a couple of complaining Yahoos. Greeeeat


i know what you mean, i went to mcdonalds and they tried to sell me a happy meal for $4 bucks!!! wtf?

i can make 12 burgers at home for $4!!!!and the toy sucked. I offered to trade the happy meal for my homemade sandwish and the pretty much told me to f-off! are they trying to make money or whats the deal?

people wake up and be real: its business and if you dont like it then dont buy, sell, or even show your face. First get educated and then try to do business with professionals.


I found a truck "without pictures" on carmax's website... After three days of repeated calls to get pictures they finally posted them online...

I paid the transfer fees to get it from Huston to my area and made arraingments for them to hold my check for 5 days...WHICH THEY DIDN'T... It cost me major bucks and time to get everything squared away... PLUS... thay delivered to me a filthy dirty vehicle in drastic need of a bath and all they can say is, "I'm sorry"....

CarMax employees IDIOTS and *** ARTISTS... NEVER do buisness with CarMax...


CarMax is full of BS.


Noone is blowing CarMax, you guys are retarded. Tammy dear, you cant sell a car to ANYONE that you haven't registered because your state wont ALLOW IT because you are NOT PAYING YOUR TAXES and trying to jump title.

If you didnt know you had to have a current registration on your car, i cant see how that is CarMax's fault. There are *** salesman everywhere.


Iam 12yrs veteran tech@ carmax

I bought 08 chevy hhr from wholsale with 12.000 miles.Vehicle had a slight damage right rear corner($500.00)wort. after 2 months i had a financial problem and i sold veh. back to Carmax give me 9.000

After a week same vehicle came back from production store(which i open that store too) sticker price shocked me $14.000 i was angry but cant do anything.see what they doing to their 12 vet. emplyee

so before you sell your car think well.


Let's face it, Carmax makes money by selling high and bying low. Their "no haggel" price is acutally full retail.

When you take your car in for a trade, they offer well below NADA or KBB's trade-in value. They offered me 4,000 dollars below NADA on my car's lowest trade-in value.


you people are very ***, you can't even write a simple paragraph and we are suppose to listen to you. It is your bank that holds the checks *** ***.

Carmax bought my car and I had the best experience I have ever had at a dealership, same experience when I bought my truck there. Try going to a dealership and sell your car there. You are in for a full days worth of bull sh#@.

Even better go to a dealership and try to buy a car, hope you like to kiss major ***, and then get kicked in the teeth while taking it in the *** as%. Good Luck.


Sorry, my thoughts are going bananas while reading other people's comments and reviews. While, I'm trying to figure out Carmax's Economic theory.

They buy a '06 Ford Focus with 35k at a car auction. For $6,000. Everything is in good shape like transmission, tires, brakes.

Car gets oil change and go through basic mechanical testing. Company pays tech for a hour's worth of work. Then the car, goes through detailing services: 10 minutes for wash, 30 minutes for polish, additional 30 for vaccuming & shampoo. So that's hour and half's of detailer's $9.00 hourly rate.

Car sits on the lot for asking price of $12,000s. Then, gets sold. $120.00s of it goes to sales consultant. Not including if the customer bought a extended warranty? If that happens, that additional income.

This is my figuring out theory....

But that would be mean, they could still make least $5k after the employee's rates and commissions. That's amazing mark up!!

I thought my employer was greedy. Charging 28.00s for a roll of box tape when we originally bought it from the Chinese for $0.62 cents...

No wonder why, their employees are pissed off and grumpy. I would hate to be treated like *** for such a low hourly rate. I rather pick of dog *** for the same hourly rate at a dog kennel and get treated better than working for Carmax!


My generation (Y): Developed a slang term for "dealerships."


We don't call them Stealerships for nothing.....


Was customer of Carmax for two and half years. They were polite & friendly until the economy went down. Then, they started to treat me like ***. I made appointment last week to get my car's wheel bearings looked at for August 6 at 1:15.

Service department never bothered to give me a "Reminder" call and I thought that was unprofessional. So at 1:15 on Thursday with $600.00s to install new bearings, I never even bothered to come in AND to call to cancel my appointment.

"Don't *** the hand that feeds you!" or its gonna *** you in the *** in the long run. That's when you'll find yourself standing in line at the unemployment office!


actually yes some dealers will i have a 4runner v8 4wd and it is worth 17k right now toyota offered my just that so yeah quit being *** people it is a forum for complaints not to dog other people


Hey Carmax buys for 45%of book val, are you dumb? You think any dealer is going to pay you full book value for the gas guzzler that you're driving?? Think about it ***....


The worst experience I have ever had as a consumer!!! Sales Luis Galletti started the experience by asking if we had a trade in, I was talking and he just kept looking at my fiance, finally my fiance started talking because it was apparent he was not listening to me.

When we were test driving the car Galletti kept all his attention on my fiance even though my fiance told him repeatedly that the car was for me and the decision was up to me. Finally my fiance got so upset he quit test driving the cars so Galletti would get the idea the decision was up to me. I found a car I liked I figured the car would last longer then Galletti attitude. Come to find out the car was 3000 over book in this market is crazy, so they wanted that down.

We later received a letter from Galletti saying we could sell our car for the estimate in 7 days all it said to bring was title or who had the lean on the car. Even though they wanted to give me 1200 for a car at book estimated 2500. I just wanted to do a easy sell thought it would be. I brought the car back 6 days later and talked to an inept front desk then talked to Manager Christina Gupta she laughed when we told her of Galletti behavior, then told us to come back in an hour she called us 10 minutes later asking about registration, nothing in the letter mentioned and when I was going to buy a car it wasn't brought up .

My last vehicle was a lease so it wasn't current. She told us we had to get it current before we could sell it to them. Even though the cars they sell are not up to date with registration or emissions tests, all sold as is. The letter was a false statement.

This was not in the letter, why couldn't she ask this before we left? Awful service I am telling everyone that I can to boycott Carmax!!!


They just offered me $3500 for my exceptionally clean low mile Expedition that has a book trade of $7570!!!


They were retailing this same truck with just a few more miles for $10,995 ~


OK PAUL! :roll

( or whatever your name is)

Stop ( blowing) Carmax.

And take a look at the complaints before posting the same post in all of the complaints.

Where there is smoke there is fire.

I have read enough of these that I will not do buisness with Carmax Regardless of having a mechanic check my vehicle and regardless of the lemon law.:p

So take your mouth of of the delarships *** and chew on my words for a bit.

Maybe you will learn something. :x


Look! I do believe that you all have had some type of problem or else you would never take the time to post it here - HOWEVER - what about the 100's of thousands of Happy and Satisfied Carmax Customers that have no need to post anything..

Carmax from what I know does a HUGE volume of sales- it's to be expected there will be a small number of problem situations - but it's not the Norm...

I totally agree with the poster that advised to take the car to your personal mechanic you do business with for their own - unbiased check up--You have 5 days to return it if the vehicle gets a bad report --It's not a hassel because you are making a BIG purchase for the next 5-10 years, so a little inconvenience and a check up fee is a VERY SMALL price to pay for piece of mind...

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