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Buyer Beware!! CarMax doe's not check for open recalls they claim they provide the customer with information to check.

This simply is not true, it IS NOT the customers responsibility to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle that they are purchasing after all their vehicles undergo a 125 point inspection. Also CarMax purchases their cars from insurance auctions, these are vehicles that reputable dealers do not want due to the fact that they have been wrecked or have flood damage. This is a very disturbing thought considering all of the severe weather lately. The other vehicles that CarMax purchases are no longer covered by a warranty, so the new owner is responsible for all upcoming maintenance.

I wonder why is that CarMax insists on selling their warranty if their cars are so reliable. Again BUYER BEWARE

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Vehicle Inspection.

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There IS a class action to force CarMax to repair open recalls. Call 1-800-279-6996 or email josephsantoli@aol.com to report similar problems.


They ARE A JOKE OF A COMPANY. Their inspection is a JOKE otherwise they would have found the 20 things that went wrong and continue to go wrong with the salvage car they sold us.

The CARFAX is a a joke, the inspections are a JOKE.

If you insist on going to this clown store take the junk you pick to a real mechanic. Someone who doesn't work a the LIAR STORE!!!!!!


I would never recommend Carmax to anyone. They clearly have had many problems in the past and continue to be less competitive than other dealers. The only way they will grow their business if more and more people on earth turn into the mindless and lazy losers who get ripped off for going to Carmax.


its easy to sell a car with an open recall and carmax isnt even authorized to do recall repair work plus the work is done for free at the authorized manufacturer dealership...

Frankie S

The bottom line is that this issue is not good for carmax. The fact remains that carmax is selling a vehicle that has a recall.

Imagine telling the customer by the way, here is information on what you can do for the recall on the vehicle you just purchased!

Also, I would never want carmax to fix a recall issue.


I had to laugh when carmax offered to perform the recalls if the manufacturers supplied the parts and paid them to do it, which carmax knew they wouldn't. Typical carmax passive aggressive behavior.

Here's the BEST PART! Carmax corporate is quietly ordering its stores to send all affected vehicles offlot for recalls. I was in touch with a large-mid sized store and they had over 100 vehicles designated to go off-lot for recalls. I'd figure thats 20-25% of their front line inventory.

But I thought there wasn't any issue with your vehicles?!?!?!

Honestly, how hard is it for the home office to monitor this stuff?

They can certainly react and provide a list when the heat is on. I've had dealers refuse to return cars to the max because there were open safety recalls on them and the max had no idea.

Awesome job carmax!

Frankie S

I am laughing to! How does anyone justify the salaries and bonuses these corporate Buccaneers make?

Appraisers can send all affected vehicles for recalls! Oh, corporate just likes to give the ORDER! Anyway, back to the subject. I know there are things wrong with their vehicles because I worked there, but there are many customers who dont know.

It's been long overdue for an investigation. Awesome job carmax!

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