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I work as a sales consultant at the Buena Park Carmax and I"˜m going to tell you what is happening at my store. Starting at the top, Troy the LGM, he will let anybody do what they want as long as the store meets budget each day.

He walks around the store all day and will try to intimidate everyone to do more. It does not matter what department the person works in at Buena Park, he just wants to get the cars ready to sell and sell then with problems or not. I often phone my customers only to be told that Troy has already phoned them and put pressure on them to buy the car they are only interested in. Next the Sales Managers, this group will let me do whatever I want as all they want to do is meet Budget each day.

The managers can nearly double their salary's when Budget is meet. These managers will only help me at certain times because they are too busy playing games on their phone or just chit chatting with their group of friends in the store. About half of the customers coming in the store just want an appraisal. The appraisals are free and could take 30 minutes.

They normally take from 45 minute and more!! The Buyers will do a good job looking at the cars but the offer will be low. It's common to be offered $8,000 for a car when Carmax has an identical model with the same mile and options on the lot for $16,000. Most customers have looked at Kelly Blue Book and have an idea of what their car is worth as a trade-in.

I know we have to make a profit, have reconditioning to do but the difference is hard to explain. Customers are the people who put the money in my pocket and the more I see the more I earn. If a customer only wants to look at cars on the lot, I will leave him on the lot and go and find another one. I know I'm not meant to do that but the Sales managers let me get away with double engaging.

I love Spanish speaking customers though, as I can talk to them and say what I like and steer them where I want them to be if they want to run a credit application. I can be creative with their credit application and if I get CAF approval they drive off in a car no questions asked. The quality of the cars coming from the service department to the lot to be sold is OK at best and I always have the "it's a used car" excuse if customers question the problems!!

I dread it when I start a luxury car because if it has been filled up at a Carmax location, there is a good chance it had the gas that has come from the "dealers auction" cars. Customers don't realize what is going into the gas tank when Carmax fills up their cars for them, it is a mix of gas from the cars going to our Monday auction that are drained, mixed together, so there is 87 grade, premium, old and a little diseal mixed together but it is FREE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Carmax Trade-in.

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Maybe the thing to do is find all the customers in the CCM, and inform them about this post. The customers can then make thier own conclussions but at least they are aware.

carmax would not like this idea I am sure, because some things just need to be kept quiet.

Practices like this feed the greedy very well. If you want to make change, you need to look at the people on top.

Frankie S

carmax makes it sound good saying "all our vehicles go through a 125 point inspection and a reconditioning process". They make it sound like they check all the important things right?

They make it sound like there is nothing wrong with this vehicle, because it's been checked over thoroughly, right? They want to make the customer feel confident about their quality vehicles, right? *** because they dont tell you what they inspect and there ARE ISSUES WITH MANY VEHICLES THAT CUSTOMERS BUY!

I will not lower my standards to make a lousy $160! You can earn that waiting tables in a decent restaurant in about 6 hours!


Everything this employee says is correct. Do not sell your car to Carmax. If you bring an old car in with low miles you get a *** offer. They will say "we understand it has low miles but it's very old and can still have issues." then you see that same car on the lot, often marked at double what you were offered. Then you point out it's old an expensive and they turn around and say "yeah but look at those low miles!" Its a double standard that's sickening.

As for "Mr. Ben" this is certainly a troll manager. Carmax is terrible. My old store in Duarte has six former employees all filing law suits for everything from harassment to assault. The "one voice policy" they have is basically the companies way of tryin to keep their people quiet by threatening their jobs. They even monitor their employees Facebook which they have no legal right to do.

If you make the mistake of purchasing take the car to a real mechanic to look it over. Their wonder "auto check" that says your car has no accidents is often false. Don't be fooled! If you're buying a Japanese car I guarantee you can get it on a better deal new at a better interest rate.

Also watch out for their dreaded max care service plan! Read the fine print! Doing something as simple as changing your wheels can void this so called extended service plan!

Carmax sucks plain and simple. And as a former employee who is happy to have left I can say this to the manager whose reading this: you can take your one voice policy and shove it up your ***!

Notice to Duarte employees: Do NOT trust HR rep Carin Jones, that two faced *** will rat you out if you report a manager for anything!

Frankie S

I agree, carmax can take their one voice policy and shove it! I will speak the truth about what goes on at carmax and want others to know also before they shop around.

As a former employee, it was horrible working there. carmax is a very unprofessional and contradicting company.

It's a very satisfying feeling to bash a company that mistreats good honest people. The sooner they are out of business, the better.


Wrong SVT. Right before Circuit City filed for bankruptsy, they took all their money & rolled it over into CarMax.

Also the surviving corporate memebers were given new job titles (All above store management level) and brought over as well. The same people that ran Circuit City into the ground are indeed now running CarMax.

In 2004, there were less than 800 people in corporate and CAF. Now there over 2 thousand.

Frankie S

So now carmax can screw every customer and make tons of money and claim bankruptcy again! What a country!!

Frankie S

Great post IusedtobeaRPM.


Fact circuit city.started Carmax then Carmax separated themselves from circuit city became independent. no longer run at all by it's parent company.

Frankie S
@svt man

Now that you know they are basically the same company, what do you want to say now svtman?

Frankie S
@svt man

Circuit City went bankrupt selling brand new products, imagine carmax selling used vehicles! They are set up to fail for sure!

Frankie S

I would never want to work for a company that behaves different when budget is met or not met. This can put a lot of tension in the air and it's sad because the only people that stay in these commission jobs are usually really money hungry.

They will be slaves all their lives. What kind of people would want to be at work constantly to earn money? Isn't family important anymore? These days with all the bad things happening you think people would want to spend time with their family and not being at carmax 24/7!

Anyone who spends that much time dealing with the public are phonies and they pretend they are happy when a customer walks in!

That is pure bull, sales associates pretend they are happy. This is the truth.


mrben why dont you keep ki$$ing off until you get fired and then wonder why. You know its only a matter of time.

You are one sad parasite with no professionalism at all, at all! You make carmax look bad and that is not in thier best interest to keep you. Why do you need to use profanity?

It shows how frustrated you are silly man. You must really not like your job


carmax will eventually sink because of the unprofessionalism. Its like a cancer and thats something the owner cannot cure. It is almost impossible to hire good managers in this business.


I'm going to assume that Mr Ben is a manager at one of the many Carmaxs'. With that being said how proper is it for you to respond to a comment from a disgruntled employee by saying that you hope the company fires his *** As far as professionalism you just threw that out the window too!

From an outsider looking in, it seems to me that Carmax corporate need to do some reassessing of their management teams in all of the stores, either that or I see a company that could be a great thing going down the tubes very quickly! Hopefully the guys at the to will realize before its too late that if it weren't for the associates and techs they would have no money in their pockets!

It is the employees of the company that makes the company what it is, and by the sounds of it there aren't too many happy employees! just an honest opinion that doesn't have to worry about ONE VOICE whatever that is!


Wow...I was going to take 2 cars to Carmax....I guess I will not be now. It's not the first time I've heard this about Carmax.

They're probably like a majority of the corporations in that they started off fair and now the greed has overcome them and they just get stingier and stingier. A few years from now the management will start saying "Why is our business going down?" These *** companies forget that to have longevity you have to care for the customer.

rodney t

This explains a lot. Seems that the low appraisal offer that I recieved for my car is the Carmax way!!

The numbers are right based on what you mention in your review.

It's good that an employee will tell the truth about this company and inform us customers to expect really low offers on decent cars. As for Mr Ben, you must be one of those lazy sales managers this guy is talking about, having nothing better to do than defend a company that has lost its founding principasl along the way.

rodney t

This explains a lot. Seems that the low appraisal offer that I recieved for my car is the Carmax way!!

The numbers are right based on what you mention in your review.

It's good that an employee will tell the truth about this company and inform us customers to expect really low offers on decent cars. As for Mr Ben, you must be one of those lazy sales managers this guy is talking about, having nothing better to do than defend a company that has lost its founding principasl along the way.


Wassup with Mr. Ben?

He needs to chill out. Great post on the truth about how Carmax is operates.

Carmax is nothing but a sleezy used car dealer, in fact proably worse than a typically used car dealer. I will not consider Carmax a place to work nor a place to buy or sell your used car; I will also spread this through word of mouth with my friends and family and everybody else.


Thank you for the info, won't be considering Carmax now.


Wow I like the way you complain about your job, yet your still there. Why don't you quit and leave we all know who you are.

Your always saying customers put money in your pocket, you just gave your self away. Hope Carmax uses the one voice policy and fires your ***...

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